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An avid macarons lover. Also, a lover of blooming Spring. What do you love?

silk macarons via.

Burgundy + Slate Gray

A pile of magazines await me on top of my nightstand. Also waiting for me... is a quick eat-out dinner tonight. I wish you a great weekend.

Detailing and contrasting

I've said before how much I enjoy semi-customization because they can complete the whole look I'm looking for. Such actions as adding a decorative trimming to your curtains, rosettes or moldings on to existing bookshelves can make a big difference in our home decor. This space designed by Maria de la Oso is so relaxing and aristocratic at the same time, thanks to simple but decisive details.

Maria de la Osa via

Embrace what you have

Talking about living with what you love, or in another words, embrace what you have and make the best of it; I found this kitchen by T. Keller Denovan. Here Denovan didn't change the white stove, something that most of the people don't want, instead he diminished it by painting the walls in dark blue and make the end wall a focal point by displaying his big collection of blue Italian china and wicker baskets. A lovely friend of mine is always scared of glossy wall paints and I always say "flat paints are for warehouses, walls don't need to be perfect, really". As you can see Keller seems to think the same way.
P.S. Would anyone be kind enough to tell me the source of the fabric on the chair? Thank you.
image via.

A proud home

I love to see homes that don't try to look like they belong somewhere else. I think a house well designed should adapt to its surroundings, that be, Architecture, traditions, land and History. A friend of mine asked me last week what I dislike to see in design magazines and my answer was "I don't want to see more homes in the Mediterranean trying to look like a modern South Beach apartment" per se. That's why I love this house which belongs to Jaime Parlade in Carmona, Sevilla. It's true to itself in such a unique eclectic and fine way. In every room you can see Jaime's unique touch while at the same time you can feel the harmony that's found in a home that's happy to be where it is and embrace it. Can you feel los toros?

Smart and creative

Sometimes it's not about the brand, the exclusive store it's been bought or how expensive it was, at the end it's all about creativity and making something simple work and look like a million bucks.

A kitchen like this...

A heavenly ceiling, tall cabinets that make the tiny space look bigger, glam-to-die-for back splash and slick looking cabinets; this kitchen for sure will make us want to cook elaborate and sumptuous meals every single night.

Timothy P. Mather design via Canadian House and Home.

Green is good

Finally home after a hectic but beautiful and sunny day. All I feel like doing is enjoying a delicious green apple martini, put my feet up and enjoy the rest of the night.
I've been eying this elegant and still relatively affordable tote Cole Haan Vintage Valise Kendra Tote.

Sometimes, that's all there is in this house...

For as much as we love cooking, not every day is for cooking from scratch. Actually, quite often all we do is to toss a frozen pasta in a pot and combine it with anything left over (fish or veggies) and call it a dinner. I am forever grateful at frozen food for all the times that makes us feel like we actually went out of our way to enjoy a nice meal together. I believe that even for a dinner as simple as a pre-made dinner is worth to put fresh flowers in a vase, light up a few candles and use the pretty things you have and that effortless action will literally lift you up. How about you? What is your shortcut?
Also, some of you dear friends have asked to see photos of our master bedroom wallpaper in progress. I have to tell you that this is the first and last time I'll be installing wallpaper. Never again, never again. But I'm thrilled and over happy with my labor of love's result. The room is completely covered in wallpaper now. There is no turning back and below is a sneak peek.

Visions of Spring

I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden. ~Ruth Stout

Steven Miesel

Luisa Olazabal

It's officially Spring, yeah!!! and although I've been longing for the sunny and warmer days to lighten up with softer and thinner fabric clothes while enjoying the smell of Daffodils which will soon be everywhere, it seems like nature has different plans, at least for today. It looks more like a rainy Fall day out of my window. So until Spring feels and look more like Spring here are beautiful and elegant images of a home designed by Luisa Olazabal where the muted palette throughout the house with its little displays of flowers and greenery in every room feel like Spring is arriving slowly. I have to warn you though, if going into Luisa's website get ready to stay there a long time, not only the images will keep you captivated but the Portuguese music playing in the background will really make you dream.

Below, a few images of Luisa Olazabal's serene and inspiring studio.


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