Thoughts and Prayers with Japan

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain
Let our prayers and thoughts be with Japan and its people. I hope your weekend is full of love and peace.

Images via Robert Couturier

God is in the DETAILS

Fresh flowers, mirrored boxes and framed art in a powder room, all in white, black and gilded- it's always a delight to unveil. While displaying more accessories such as sketches, handsome hand written poems and artistic plates in front of a chicken-wire-like bookcase is a nod to "everything is in the details"

sorry don't remember the sources.

Classically modern

I love how the classical furniture and the traditional sofa make the modern architecture in this room almost disappear.

Smile, it's almost Friday

Love this superb playroom, also love Gwyneth.

How to wear all-black

Go chic or go and visit a funeral. Growing up I remember seeing old ladies who only wore black and did nothing more than go to funerals to pray. They were always mourning someone even if it was someone they didn't really know. For me black has been a color associated with mourning and I literally feel heavy when dressed in black. When there is absolutely nothing for me to wear I would go for black usually because you don't really distinguish one black outfit from the other, but Friends and family tend to compliment me on when "I have nothing else to wear" occurs. I did some search and concluded that the best way to wear an all-black outfit should be in a chic modern way. No matchy matchy suits or too formal outfits. All these ladies are inspiring me to see black clothes in a completely different way.

Caroline Sieber via Garance Dore

The always stylish Anna Dello Russo and Natalie Massenet

Left, Giovanna Battaglia who seems to favor black.

A delightful workspace

When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.--Henry J. Kaiser

Hawaii Entertainment Book Just $17 Plus Free Shipping!

Save on all the things you love to do!
I love Entertainment books and I purchase one everytime I am getting ready to go on vacation. I've saved hundreds of dollars on food, shopping and activities. Often they have a buy one get one free coupons. If you are getting ready to take a Hawaii vacation, I recommend you purchase a Hawaii Entertainment Book. The Hawaii book has coupons for all the islands. Right now they are just $17 and shipping is free. This offer ends 3/17.

Allegra Hicks at home

After my post yesterday about the beautiful fabric "La Fiorentina" designed by David Hicks I thought it was a good idea to post a few images of the Chelsea, London townhouse that belonged to Allegra and Ashley Hicks when they were married. Allegra was born and raised in Turin, Italy then moved to New York with ex husband Ashley Hicks. Although she never worked in law or literature, both degrees that she possesses, she preferred the arts, studying design in Milan, frescoes in Brussels and attending Parsons while living in New York. She's been nominated as one of the top 10 best dressed in the world, that was probably what motivated her to move from Interior Design to fashion. In 1998 she launched her first line of fashion. I wonder how she does it all!
What a great space-saving idea to customize a dresser for the end of your bed. I wonder if there is a TV in it.

two images above, the dining where Allegra herself painted the murals.

Portrays of Allegra and her two daughters.

Plum done well

Belen Domecq
If I'm asked what's the most difficult color to pull off, I would say Purple. It is a color with a lot of different shades, but when done right can be quite breath taking. As these images prove it. In the first image, purple is used in degradation with accents of black and gold, lush fabric and smoked glass fireplace frame (doesn't that look amazing?). The gilded neo-classical mirror and the whimsy Fornasetti chairs brake with what could be monotonous. In the second image, probably my favorite way, purple is combined with two or three different colors. But, because they are all on the same scale there is a lot of harmony and no clash.

Celerie Kemble

"La Fiorentina" Vavid Hicks for sale

La Fiorentina is an absolutely stunning fabric designed by David Hicks in 1970 then edited by Ashley Hicks for Groundworks. It's 100% Linen with a width of 55". I have 4 yards and 3/4 of "La Fiorentina" in gray on dark tint at $40 a yard. This neutral color combination would, literally go with any other color and it will blend in effortlessly. You can upholster a chair, the back of a sofa, like I did in the top image or a headboard. Whichever way you decide to use it this fabric will make an elegant statement. If you're interesting, please email me at, thank you and have an excellent day.

India Hicks Bahamas house

Ruthie Sommers via Domino

Angie Hranowsky

Feeling woody

I can't believe how fast the weekend went by. I spent the past two days putting up wallpaper in our bedroom with the help of my hubby and it's still not complete. The fact that the wallpaper needed to be trimmed didn't help either. I think it would've been a lot more fun to spend my weekend in a kitchen like this where I hear my name being called from. That crystal chandelier hanging from the salvage beams on the ceiling looks like a reigning cloud and the green chairs and disco ball that hangs above the sink bring in that modern feel and soft touch that we all are looking for. I really really love this kitchen. I hope you had a dreamy weekend.

Hula Girl Clothing

girls hula girl clothing t-shirt hula girl cardigan tropical clothinghula girl barette
I think these hula girl clothing items available at Hartstrings couldn't be any cuter. The hula girl on the t-shirt has a 3D hula skirt. ADORABLE! I'm buying the hula girl barette for my daughter as it would match so many items.


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