Here is to the weekend

I'm looking forward to starting my weekend and disconnect.

Have a gorgeous eclectic weekend!
top image photo by Daniel Jackson for Teen Vogue

Sancho Pancho

I've been smitten by Chloe since I ever remember and have been coveting one of their capes for an even longer time. Their clothes are always soft and feminine with a touch of youthfulness seduction that I can relate to and would feel utterly feminine while wearing them. These images below are from their pre-fall 2011 collection and the poncho... is undoubtedly to die for.

Not Diamonds but Coffee

Yes, after a cup of coffee I usually think like this (below). Coffee is my best friend.
I hope your week so far, is an "almost completed to-do list".

Seeing is believing

Design process is better done in layers. Can you tell this room's walls are wallpapered? I didn't, until I saw the close-up of the below picture. Having a vision when decorating is what a professional starts with but for whoever is not a professional is better doing it slowly. Stepping back and seeing one layer (paint, wallpaper, etc) and imagining what the next piece to come will look like is easier and a more assuring way of doing it without making mistakes that can be costly. I've been decorating my home slowly. I think the best way of doing it is while you're living in the house and realizing slowly what you need in the process. Even professionals change their minds in the process after seeing that something is not working. A few months ago I had the back of a sofa upholstered in a graphic fabric (the back of the sofa is one of the first things you see when walking into our house), after seeing it I realized that a patterned curtain will be too conflicting. It called for plain fabric curtains. I can visualize this room above empty with only the wallpaper installed and quickly figure out that it needed a graphic sculptural bed that would not be too bulky and clumsy and that would still carry on the soft and feminine atmosphere.

Can you imagine this bathroom without the polka dotted wallpaper? Sometimes a bold move makes a big difference in a white room.

images via.

Perfectly displayed

The past few days have been gloriously sunny and I couldn't be happier. In the prelude of Spring all the great things seem to start happening, only waking up earlier is not such of an effort anymore, editing our home decors seem to flow naturally. It feels exactly what it is, a breath of fresh new air that won't freeze your lungs. When I think of the beginning of spring I imagine greenery and I love the use of it in the last photo; put in a collection of clear glasses and accessorized with jewelry. In the first image, however there is no greenery anywhere but the clarity of it and the stacking of the books is very fresh and young in a way. Recently I posted about how I enjoy seeing real bookcases. I have the books in my kitchen's built-in displayed with the paperback side facing back the wall so there would be more symmetry in color. Here is a sneak peek of my kitchen's bookcases if you wish to see.

1st image via, second don't remember sorry

A lush powder room

Simple details can express a lot about your hostess manners. Things like delicate embroidered towels, scented sprays and soft and lush paper napkins for retouches are a way of making your guests special and welcomed. Of course, a bathroom like this would say much more about your sense of style.

Image from Domino.

Woodsy and mirrored

If I had a bathroom like this in my house where glam meets country side and masculinity and femininity remarry, the kitchen would never again get to be the protagonist.

Caping in town

Capes were more of a trend for Fall, but with the approach of Spring's fluctuating temperatures and the days going from being heavenly sunny during the day to chillier towards the night; a cape can still come in handy.

I'm loving the difference and the unexpected aspects of this Aztec blanket cape (left above) for £45.00 as well as this 3.1 Phillip Lim mohair and wool-blend check cape for half the price.

But for those who like to keep it more traditional there is this Stone buckle belted trench cape (left) from Topshop and this See by Chloe belted cape.

Jackie And John F. Kennedy 1961
images via The Sartorialist, Vogue...

Detail of the day; vignette

Like in many other aspects of design, things seem to look more appealing to me when there is continuation in color and contrast in texture. This small vignette, for example, shares aged golden tones among every one of the pieces while the painted mercury candle motive brakes with the similarity in texture which I think make the outlook interesting.

Hawaiian Style Art

One of the most inexpensive places to get Hawaiian style art prints is at They have a huge assortment to chose from including prints and wall murals. You can get them with our without frames. Throughout the month of March, get free shipping on orders of $34.99+ with code SPRINGFSUS until 3/31. Here are some of our favorites:

Cheers to the right people

Thomas O'Brien's stunning vignette via
Well, what a little bit of a hectic weekend this was. From unsuccessfully searching for "the right" piece of furniture I came to end my weekend weeping in front of the TV while watching Secret Millionaires. Did you guys watch it? We need more people in the world like these doing the right thing. Not everything was about learning trough unwanted experience though I also got to spend good quality time with families and friends. I hope your week is well off to a good start.

Like that...goes the weekend

My weekend past visiting a few Flea Markets and wondering why, more often than needed, there isn't enough of what you're looking for? It's either sometimes too small, too little or simply not right. Thanks to the glass is half-full mentality I was able to squeeze in some fun. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Charlotte Dellal


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