Quadrille fabric for sale

If you are interested in a good buy this weekend, I have more than 10 yards of Quadrille, Alan Cambell "Potalla" in multi blues on white. The price is ridiculously affordable, only $40 per yard. The retail price is over $180. Both fabrics are 55% linen / 45% cotton.

I have 5 1/2 yards of China Seas "Edo" in French blue on Tint. Retail price is also $180. I have it for only $30 per yard. If you are interested in any of these fabrics please email me at , thank you.

When you find what you're not looking for

Yesterday while visiting another store I came across with Transit Culture a studio that does everything from product design to Identity Design. The studio itself is worth a visit because it's beautifully decorated and very inspiring. You can see the workers working in the back. I especially love what they do with plaster. Above is a decorative bracket I got, together with one for a client, which I'll convert into a wall table for a very narrow space in the entrance. I'm not sure what I'll do with mine (top image) maybe make it into a sconce? I love it because I'm a definite admirer of everything that resembles Serge Roche's work.
Below are two pieces that I got at a vintage/antique shop around our neighborhood. My husband jokes about me being this store's best client because almost every other day I come home with something I find there. Remember this? You should see my garage. But hey, when you have a vision you have to have the resources... right? I don't have an image of how the ottoman looked before, unfortunately I get carried away with the exiting outcome and always forget to take before pictures. I got it covered in "Melinda" fabric by Alan Campbell in navy on tint and embellished it with a braided jute trim I got at M & J trimming. Bottom image is a black lacquered decorative column I found buried under a few old dining tables.

images by moi

Boden - New Customers Receive 10% Off, Free Ship & Pebble Necklace

New customers to Boden, click here to receive 10% off and free shipping and returns. Plus, you will also receive a free sparkly pebble necklace. They carry a nice selection of tropical print clothing for women, men and kids - perfect for vacations.

Pink-ish me

Growing up I always used to see old ladies wearing their nails only in red. Something that would forever affect the way I look at red colored nails. In the back of my head it's a color that if I paint my nails with would make me look older. Well I guess kids are like sponges...My latest favorite is Casting Call (an opaque cool pink beige) by Opi for Sephora or anything with some pale pink in it. Essie has recently came out with a collection named Mademoiselle with more than 100 shades of pales that I'm willing to try this Spring.
"Whenever I wear mademoiselle, I get a whiff of Paris."
They say that you can't bottle charm. I did.
I created plenty of pretty pales to flirt with.
Flaunt your French side with "mademoiselle" one day, twirl in "ballet slippers" the next.
My pretty pales are like a chic whisper... and make an elegant statement every time.

images scanned by moi from Elle.

Space saving technics

Built-in bookcases and pocket doors.

Quote, quote

You don't have to know anything about a subject as long as you use common sense and imagination, plus enthusiasm! I use all periods of design in my work, for, after all, decorative styles are simply indications of a manner of living. Dorothy Draper
Marco Scarani and Jamie Creel Paris apartment via

Can I move in?

Images of Daphne Guinness' house featured in the March issue of Architectural Digest.

Wishing while awakening

These images remind me of how beautiful and magical could "sunny faraway places" be.

Spring/Summer Accessories

I'm looking for a new pair of sunglasses for the summer and the color and freshness of these Miu Miu sunglasses make them one of my favorites. I think they would make anyone look a little hip, a little younger and a whole lot sophisticated bohemian. I mean, it's the summer my friends and I don't intend to take it too seriously. And did I mention that for $195 is almost like a steal...?
Being of 5'6" height I don't feel too encouraged to wear flats but these Tod's Ballerina La Scala flats are slowly changing my mind. Inspired by dancers at Milan's La Scala they come with those more than romantic satin ribbon ties, that make me want to even sleep in them?

A Paris Townhouse

I love going into designers' websites and coming across new images to peruse. Yesterday I went into Tom Scheerer's website and found these images that I personally had not seen before. Two apartments from two different continents but both sharing that unmistakable Tom Scheerer atmosphere of down to earth sophistication. Both have that relaxed vibe that always makes me want to take life more laid back. The first four images are from a NYC loft. I love how the low furniture make the windows look a lot taller.

Below are a few images of what, according to Schreerer's website, is a Paris townhouse, but to me it looks more to what a cozy chateau in the south of France would resemble. Textured stone floors and walls, beam ceilings, and a more serious furniture selection.

All images via Tom Scheerer.

Mirrored beds,

I have a big French 1940's mirror above my sofa and I can't avoid the thought of the mirror falling down. Imagine what wouldn't I think if I got to sleep in a mirrored bed not to mention if the mirror is hanging as a heavy headboard. I'm certain that all these beds are built steady and that my thoughts are nothing more than just me being myself. I'm keeping these images in my file for when and if I get over my fears. But if you're looking to sleep like a Hollywood star there are a few places where you can buy mirrored beds or even costumize it. If you prefer the non-four-poster style, for custom mercury antiqued bed like Bunny Williams' unforgettable bed (first image) go here, or if a mirrored bed is too much for you but still want some glam then a mirrored crown is another option, you can find onehere.

Jonathan Berger

Who doesn't remember this image of Miles Redd having his coffee in bed while wearing tuxedo?

Paris Hilton bedroom via Decorpad
Ranjana and Naeem Khan photo by Simon Upton for Elle Decor

Donna Griffith

this is brass but it gives almost the same effect by Tom Scheerer. via

Jonathan Adler

Also Jonathan Adler. This time, his own bed.

Oscars, the earring edition

Last night while watching the Oscars I couldn't take my eyes off the stairs that lead to the stage. Did you notice they looked just like these...? I wonder if they took inspiration from it. Apart from enjoying the gorgeous dresses I also noticed the resurfacing of colorful earrings. My top favorites were Gwyneth's from Louis Vuitton’s collection, L’Ame du Voyage.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Natalie Portman's earrings by Paloma Picasso for Tiffany were also beautiful.

Cate Blanchett's complemented her beautiful dress.

Halle Berry's earrings were not colorful but I think they were a perfect match for her Marchesa subtle dress

Mandy Moore, wasn't she breath taking?

Marisa Tomei

Reese Witherspoon chose emerald drop earrings.

A lazy Sunday

I couldn't be more grateful for having had a long and lazy Sunday. Inside, while just not doing anything. That itself is a freedom that is priceless, the choice to simply not do anything. Sometimes, that enough, is all I need. I hope you're enjoying the end of your weekend. Getting ready to watch the Oscars tonight?


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