Woody Car Art

Surf City Artwork

When I think about classic surfer art, woody cars often come to mind. Ababy has a series of 4 Wood Car Art Prints that can be framed or be printed on canvas. They would look great in a teen surfer bedroom.

Visit the Hawaiian Home for more styles of Hawaiian art.

Color Inspiration

Black & Pink. One strong, the other not so... In a way to not compete.


Miles Redd

Enjoy your weekend!

A busy and rainy day

In a day like today, it's pouring here, I want nothing more than linger around the house sipping some café au lait while enjoying the fire. And this is not only because all rainy days call for the same, but because I am tired.... The little one didn't sleep much last night and today I was up as early as 6:30 AM. Window treatments and wallpaper completion among other things are waiting for me to be done, so I think I better postpone my dreams for another day. At least I have my café.



I have to admit that not everyday I feel like accessorising, especially when I have to run out of the house to drop off Lucas to the daycare while running late. But lately I'm trying to pay more attention and making sure to at least wear a bracelet. You never know when you're going to meet a prospect client.

"I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny."Chanel

Taylor Tomasi

Anna Dello Russo

Olivia Palermo

Jackie Kennedy Onasis

Coco Chanel; her jewelries

The way Coco Chanel used to wear jewelry is still inspiring today. She wore jewelry with the same approach she designed her clothing: classic, feminine and innovative. Chanel started to create costume jewelry using colored glass stones and semi-precious gemstones. As everything else she created she did it in her own artistic way. In her studio she would play with flexible modeling plastic shaping them into jewelry, incrusting real and fake gemstones and real and fake pearls until she created the effect she wanted. Also under her supervision, many talented artists designed jewelry for her line. According to Jean Leymarie's book, she never wore any of her exquisite pieces of jewelry she received from the Duke of Westminster in public, instead she would wear her own creations. A very smart business woman. I think many others would be more than anxious to show them off in society. She would wear her expensive jewelry inside the privacy of her home. Notice the picture above where she is playing the accordion while wearing a spectacular necklace made of square-cut emeralds surrounded by round-cut diamonds. Isn't that a stunning image of Chanel's fantastic lifestyle?
It's funny to imagine Chanel being a little bit superstitious since she would never go out without two pieces of jewelry; a topaz ring given to her as a good-luck talisman when she was sixteen by an old lady, and a pearl necklace she received from Boy Capel as a token of his love. I personally find this last very powerful and sweet.

Chanel and Duke Fulko di Verdura inspecting one of Chanel’s cuff bracelets. Photo by Lipnitzki 1937.

Chanel's astrological sign was the lion head, which she seemed to favor as much as the cross and used them a lot to embellish her jewelries. Picture above is a vermeil necklace made of 121 lion heads with a carved rock crystal cross at the center.

top 4 pictures taken by me of the Jean Leymarie's book.

Art is personal

I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.
Le Corbusier

Visiting Antony Todd Studio

Yesterday while walking through Greenwich Village I passed by Antony Todd's beautiful store and I had to go inside. The store was beautifully decorated in Antony Todd's usual sophisticated mixture of classic and modern with global chic accessories sprinkled throughout. I took a few pictures and thought you may like to peek into this beautiful store. I'm sure you'll find it a great source of inspirations.

I love these vintage Suzani sachets filled with lavender. Perfect to keep the closets smelling delicious. I still kick my head for not having the time to go and visit Antony Todd's showroom in Istanbul during my recent trip there. I'm sure I could have found the perfect souvenirs.

all images by me for Belle vivir.

Twin Size Palm Tree Quilt

Kohls offers this Key West twin size palm tree quilt on sale for half off. It's just $60! Sale ends 2/27.
View more palm tree quilts at the Hawaiian Home.

Thinking of my home office

Our house is not small but I'm the kind that prefers to assign an extra room for a guestroom, which leads me to the reality of having to work out of my dining table. I see this multifunctional space designed by Amy D. Morris for Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles showhouse and can't help but dream.

Easy-to-incorporate Architectural Enhancements

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in houses with good architecture but there are many simple and non-permanent ways of incorporating it in our homes. Now I know that the image on top is full of exquisite details (only the herringbone floors would be enough to impress) but what caught my attention was the unusually low dado rail. I think that unique detail would make any room more interesting and would bring an unexpected touch to it as well.

Painting stripes on the walls or ceilings would make a big statement.
If you don't have it, fake it. To paint graphic patterns on wood floors is maybe a lot of work but it's totally worthy.
To rest a decorative door on a wall is one thing but to also add a decorative bracket or a framed sconce (below) takes it to a higher level. It looks simple but it's very well thought.

Kids Tropical Style Clothing

If you're heading to a tropical location for Spring break, I've found that the sale sections at Hartstrings have some adorable tropical style clothing for kids. I love their clothing!

The Barn

Architecture is one of my primary passions. It's even embarrassing to say I studied Architecture for a year and a half to then drop out in an action I can only call a young age crisis. That is one big regret of mine. Anyhow, back to my topic today. From my point of view an interior decor not architecturally enhanced is not good. And when I think of places with strong architecture, not only palaces come to mind but also something completely opposite but also impressive. A barn for example, originally made from lumber, gambrel roof to maximize storage, exposed wood and beams to support the ceiling. When visiting Suzanne Kasler's website the other day I was astonished, one more time, by the incredibly beautiful work she did decorating The Barn, a restaurant located in Blackberry Farm, a resort located in the Mountains of Tennessee. I absolutely love Suzanne Kasler's design, she seems to always work in houses with breathtaking architecture. Judge by yourself, enjoy.

images via.


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