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Suzanne Kasler via Veranda.

Meet Matouk

Who doesn't love the delicate detail of Monogrammed lines. I think it's an exceptional gesture to surprise your guests with a delicate monogrammed towel in your powder room, it shows that you really care and planned through until the last detail. I have a few monogrammed towels and linens that were given to us for our wedding but not yet have monogrammed bed linens and I'm especially interesting in getting real fun and exciting bed linens for our guest room. I found Matouk while searching and the fact that Lulu DK is collaborating with Matouk seems pretty interesting.

Lulu DK for Matouk 2010 collectionLulu DK for Matouk 2010 collection
Lulu DK for Matouk 2010 collection

Captivated by Magdalena Aguilar

Magdalena Aguilar is consistently captivating my fancy through her great execution of mixing antiques and modern furniture with contemporary art. Each of the Minotti sofas in this home would look massive and probably too square but they are lightened and softened up with the use of glass accent tables, curvy Louis XV & XVI pieces and with impressive contemporary sculptures.

I can't picture this room without those adorable Louis XV style stools.

all images via here.

Full Size Surfboards as Art

If you love to surf, it's perfectly fine to decorate a corner of your home with a full size surfboard. Home at Sea takes recyled surf boards and turns them into a work of art with stained glass designs. If these original works of art are not in your budget, Ebay offers a large selection of surfboard art. I bought an imitation surfboard made out of wood and had it custom painted for my teen son's room. We put it above his bed and it looks awesome!

Inspiration; Subtlety

Subtle and sophisticated colors work as perfect illusion in front of white backgrounds.

kitchen of the day

Chicken wire, fireplace and a pantry with chalkboard doors... You add to that wooden warm tones and it's a country kitchen perfection but in a French way.

Meet P.E. Guerin

"P.E. Guerin is the oldest decorative hardware firm in the United States, and the only metal foundry in New York City. The company was started in 1857 by French immigrant Pierre Emmanuel Guerin and has been at its current location on Jane Street in Greenwich Village since 1892." P.E. Guerin

Basin Sets

Drawer & Cabinet Knob and Door levers

Keyplates and Wrought brass moulding

Cremone bolts

Kitchen of the day

I honestly couldn't pick only one image among these two kitchens. I mean, can you? And that's because the white pottery, the thick white table (top picture) and the persian rugs, they were all too beautiful to leave one out. Also Because the more storage inspiration the better. right...?
White ceramic tableware
Ellen Mcdermott

A ParisiƩn presence in Johannesburg

It's all in the details! It's the first thought that came to my mind when I first saw this home. I'm a constant admirer of anything related to architecture. Only a few things inspire me more than Architecture itself. And, God, this house is certainly one with exquisite architectural details that make these rooms shine by themselves, from the ornate coffered ceilings, clean boiseries and Greek key moldings to dark wood floors. Of course its owner, the couturier Howard Green is no novice when it comes to style. He knew how to pair this splendid home with equally sculptural pieces and show-stopping art. If this home appears to you like a French home, it is, because Paris is Howard Green's favorite city. No wonder!!!

All images scanned by Escapade.

Soon... a Spring bag

I know what you're thinking. That when our roads are covered with a few inches of ice and anyone who dare to drive could encounter dangerous situations... I instead, am thinking about summery bags of finely woven crochet or leather. But since Phil has predicted that Spring is near, I assume it's time to start getting ready for those very anticipated Spring days. For those of you who are already enjoying a better weather, this is to inspire you too.

Kitchen of the day

The pop of yellow in the kitchen and those perfect-sized pendants are calling my name.
Designed by Turner Davis.

Atlanta 40th annual Decorators' Show House & Gardens

Bathroom by Raymond Goins Designs

Solarium by C. Weaks Interirors.

Entertaining gallery by Regas Interirors, LLC


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