La Bastide de Marie

Between the essence of lavender, warm open fire and breath taking vineyard views is La Bastide de Marie, Sibuet Hotels & Spa, located in the French Provence region. By the way if you think you recognize this place you're not wrong. This magical place is where Marion Cotillard's photoshoot for Vogue's July issue took place. I don't think there is anything else I would need other than being here in a cold Sunday Morning. Maybe a few croissant au chocolat...Brunch anyone?

Everynight Modern Sofa Bed from Ligne Roset

The Everynight sofa bed is an option if you have an apartment with minimum space. In the morning you can convert it into cool sofa and while the time to sleep has come, you can convert it into bed easily. Everynight unites three functions in one piece: sitting in ‘normal’ position, relaxing with a pulled-out seat and adjustable back, and sleeping with seat and back folded flat. Easy to operate, and generously comfortable in any of its three incarnations. Elegant, chromed feet. A protective mat is available to protect the seat from soiling when unfolded. Optional fitted sheet to protect cover during use. Also available: side table with top in gloss white or gloss anthracite lacquer. Perfect for small spaces as well as dorm. Visit Ligne Roset website for more information.

Modern Girl Room Design and Decor Ideas

These teen room ideas are photorealistic 3d renders from Spanish designer Sergi. He shows his woks on his blog in order to receive critics about them and to help other to design perfect room for their kids. Such designing isn’t always easy because teenagers are hard to please. Sergi’s works are done in different beautiful but not very contrast colors and are cool as for boy as for girl. If you’re design a room for teen and doesn’t buy some furniture collection from famous company which specialize in kids room designs these renders could fill your mind with a ideas.

Contemporary Kitchen Style by Florida – Futuristic Mesh Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home. spirit of the kitchen need to be turned on with life, love and affection. This a futuristic kitchen design by Italian company Florida. Mesh is a futuristic-style kitchen featuring minimalist, clean-faced cabinets with some unusual angles to enhance its modern aesthetic. Stainless steel is the perfect complement to these kitchens, available in classic black, contemporary white, or in an array of hot hues like sunny yellow and vibrant lime green. Whatever color you choose, the Mesh kitchen is guaranteed to satisfy all your cravings for contemporary style.

I'll take them please

I love each of these three looks. I hope you get to enjoy your weekend and if you're in NYC remember the NYIGF starts tomorrow.

Gucci Pre-Fall 2011 Collection
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Have "The Best" weekend

You are exactly where you need to be. Embrace it and give your best. That way if what you're waiting for takes longer than anticipated, you'll know that all the way you've been your best.

The Look for less

"Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important."
Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer




Available here.

New Condo Developments

New Condo Developments
No More New Condo Developments?
Back in June of this year, HUD issued new rules about FHA financing on condominium projects. These new rules were to apply to new condo developments not assigned an FHA case number by October 1, 2009. That date has since been pushed back to November 2, 2009.
When a home builder develops a condominium project, they submit an application to HUD. Assuming that the development meets HUDs requirements, they approve it and assign an FHA case number. This means that buyers can get FHA financing on units in this project.
FHA loans are tailor-made for first time buyers, the same kind of people who often buy condominiums. Among other things, they allow a buyer to get in with a low down payment of only 3.5%.They'll approve a buyer with a less than perfect credit history. A condo financed with an FHA loan is the perfect way to get your foot in the door in a high cost real estate market, like much of California.
Under the new rules, no more than 30% of the units in a complex can be financed with FHA loans. Worse than that, 50% of the units must be sold before FHA will make any loans in that complex. Without FHA loans, buyers will have to turn to conventional loans, which usually require a 10% down payment. Many buyers simply won't be able to do that. Instead they'll go buy a condo in an existing complex. New home builders won't be able to sell their products.
There is hope, though. In response to the outcry from lenders and builders, HUD is reconsidering. They've delayed the implementation from October 1 to November 2, and indicated that they might consider relaxing the other restrictions.
But relaxing them a little still isn't good enough. Any new homes builder that has a condo project in the works is probably racing to get it approved before November 2nd. If they were planning a future condo project, they would be wise to put it on hold until HUD decides what it's going to do. If these new rules, even in a relaxed version, still exist, they're probably better off to build single family homes instead. Then their buyers will be able to get FHA home loans.

Comfortably corner bathtub design interior

Comfortably corner bathtub design interiorWe would like to see a collection of luxury bath Teuco to Italian society. Appointed 383 This is a collection of minimalist and modern bathroom with shower combination. It was perfect for a modern bathroom. 383 Walk in bath with shower are designed to meet the needs of the whole family, from children to adults and even older. It is a comfortable bathroom with a door that opens inward, with a long lever with a mechanical lock to stop accidental opening. Shower is more than walking, on average, bathroom with shower and access easily through the door without climbing on the tub. Inside, you can easily and comfortably and comes with a seat, spacious and comfortable. Finally a product of compromise. You can find more information on this Teuco luxury bath collection.

Modern bar apartment photo

These Modern bar apartment photo, its very comfortable. Modern minimalist concept applied in this luxurious bar apartment areas. Parquet floor use this apartment. all wall unit use brown color. combination black and brown color decorate in this apartment. Bar apartment furniture available in this areas. Granite stone decorate in this bar table. Get this luxurious bar interior design to redesign your bar.

Modern Tropical Summer Beach House interior design pictures

Modern minimalist Summer Beach House interior design. Its very elegance house with beautiful lighting, especially looks the night. Minimalist swing pool can be found in this summer house. This architecture use tropical house concept, so the name is tropical summer Beach house. Surround the tree and green atmosphere make this house feel fresh. Summer Beach House interior designed by studio 27 architecture and located in Fire Island in New York. (source

Romantic Valentine Day for Your Home Decoration

Traditions are special things that we do each and every year that are unique to our family. Valentine Day is a day for treats as well as expressions of love. With kids around, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on decorations for Valentine Day. They are full of ideas so enlist their help to come up with decorating tips to spread the love this Valentine Day.

This year for Valentine’s Day, instead of spending time together alone, celebrate love with a party and use these simple and romantic Valentine’s Day party decorations. Valentine’s Day is about a few main things; Cupid, hearts, roses and chocolate. With these four elements, you can create a romantic and elegant party for loved ones who are in love.

Purchase Valentine’s Day banners, table covers, red utensils and a lot of other memorable party decorations that you can keep and use year after year. Cutout large Cupid silhouettes from red oak tag to serve as wall decorations. Create an interesting centerpiece or table top decoration for a buffet table buy buying two vases shaped like half spheres. Place red colored stones in the bottom of one vase and accentuate with fresh red roses in the top of the vase. In the other vase place the same red colored stones at the bottom and heart shaped floating candles in some water. Place the flat sides of the bowls together to create a wonderful flower display. Decorate tabletops with heart or Cupid shaped confetti.

Luxury Beach House with Modern Interior Design

Beach House with Modern Interior DesignBeach House with Modern Interior DesignThis house is beach house design with modern interior designed by Frederick Stelle in the East End of Long Island, New York is one of those perfect retreats. 1980s-vintage house was fully rebuild with new structure made of yellow cedar outside and inside. It is situated between the Atlantic and a bay so it has awesome views all around. Outdoor spaces and terraces in the middle of the house are great places to relax with cup of coffee during the sunny day. The double-height living room is interconnected with the entrance hall and, above it, the study. The interior walls and floors have calm colors so they are perfect for placing art and unique objects of furnishings. Modern and contemporary paintings and prints decorate all walls of the house. The house is full of calmness so it’s a perfect retreat place for the owners.

Beach House with Modern Interior DesignBeach House with Modern Interior DesignBeach House with Modern Interior Design

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Just a few more lovely images to finish the day. I hope you're having a lovely week.


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