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I just realize it's been a while since I’ve posted something about my favorite things. Music is by far one of the easier ways to lift up the spirit and that is exactly what happens when I listen to Frank Sinatra. There is no other music that gives me the palpable feeling of happiness as Frank Sinatra. Every time I listen to his voice and the melody of his music I get elevated, light, enthusiastic and everything seems easier, which brings me to the question. Why don't I listen to Frank Sinatra more often? His music for me is the prototype of NYC which happens to be one of the things I also love. When I listen to his music I imagine myself walking in NYC in a Spring day filled with awe and enthusiasm; an added plus is if that street happens to be Lexington Avenue, one of my favorite streets in NY.

Of course our wedding song was "The way you look tonight"

I hope you get to do a thing or two of things you love during the weekend.

Meet Vincenzo Rizzo's wonderful watercolors

"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting with the gift of speech."
It's amazing how much impressive art is available at incredibly affordable prices. Having a wall filled with original art of your taste is not pricey or impossible anymore. I first came across Vincenzo Rizzo a couple of years ago when looking for watercolors at Etsy and his women portraits caught my attention. At first they seem simple, but even though I'm not an expert in art I can tell that the vivid expressions on the women's faces it's not a simple thing to achieve. If you got to see this post you may have spotted one of his watercolors hanging on my staircase. I really enjoy seeing it every time I go up and down the stairs.

In another note
I want to thank Charlotta for giving me the stylish blogger award. I feel flattered Charlotte, thank you.

Les Luminaires de Serge Mouille & who used them first

Christine D'Ornano's London home. photo by Simon Upton 2010

Serge Mouille's sculptural lighting fixtures have kept hanging in my thoughts for a while now. Looking at all these rooms I can't quite point out which one makes best use of them. I guess It's because the lightings' architectural silhouettes go well in any kind of interior, from contemporary to classic to country to modern and it's funny how over-scaled the sconces usually are but at the same time they don't overtake from the rest of the design of a room. I did a little research on rooms displaying Serge Mouille's lighting in an attempt to get to see the first room ever that displayed one, but I quickly realized it would take a few months of research and possibly a trip or two to Paris to figure that out. And that is because Sege Mouille was a French silversmith who graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Paris, eventually becoming a teacher there while having his own metalworking studio and devoted most of his life to designing lighting fixtures. "Throughout the 1950’s Mouille designed large, angular, insect-like wall mounted and standing lamps with several arms and smaller, more curved wall-sconces." Mouille's website

Les Luminaires de Serge Mouille are sold in the US through a few dealers, to find out go here. One of his lighting fixtures is something I would really love to own but because they normally run around the $5,000 I think I will keep postponing it until further notice.

photo by Simon Upton, designer Blathnaid Behan, April 2007

Betsy Brown living room House Beautiful, 2007

Jenna Lyons famous brownstone 2008.

Geoffrey Goldberg & Lynne Remington. Photo by Nathan Kirk Jan. 2008

Nate Berkus Milan's apartment 2009

Kevin Carrigan & Tim Furzer 2007

Luxury Sofas and Living Rooms Decor With A Vintage Touch From Pottery Barn


Vaiss.eau Pendant Lamps by Hanna Krüger

Vaiss.eau Pendant Lamps by Hanna Krüger

 Vaiss.eau Pendant Lamps by Hanna Krüger2

The pendant light vaiss.eau traces back to forms of historical glass bottles and bowls and tries to reimagine the functions of commonplace items. The design of this mouth-blown, double-walled transparent glass body is concerning the relationship of the design of contemporary products and traditional manual methods of production.

Lovely Floors & Getting over a cold

I've been very slow on posting lately due to be fighting a very bad cold. Everyone in this house seem to not getting completely over it but inspiration is always there. And I can't help to get inspired by these lovely floors.

Images via Nuevo Estilo.

Regency Cake Stand

This Regency Cake Stand has three tiers, each with different designs. Each tier is held on a brass polished metal support.

Regency Cake Stand

Heating System By Thierry Fischer

Heating System By Thierry Fischer

Javier Castilla and a Lucky winner

Lately I can't get enough of masculine interiors. Perhaps it's because I'm working with a golfer gentleman who is very classic and has an elegant taste. So, I find myself immersed in search for some good inspiration that is how I came across Javier Castilla's immaculate style. Javier is a madrileño and his projects have been featured in many international magazines. He loves classic movies and he translates the glamour found in them to his interiors. And it's obviously worthy.

On the other hand. Better late than never, I would like to announce the winner of the Stealing Magnolias book and thanks those who were able to comment. The lucky winner is...

I love her banner. Congratulations...

The Classic Interior Design and Furnitur to Make Your House Beautiful

These pictures show the modern exotic artistic interior design and furniture with classic nuance. You can use these design and furniture pictures as the design model in planning your house, apartment, office and other kinds of buildings. The rooms shown in these pictures are completed with beautiful luxurious furniture so that the rooms look modern, and elegant. the classic style makes the rooms look artistic. This situation will make the residents comfortable to do the activities in this room. You can also get the inspiration on how to arrange the lighting system, arrange the air circulation and determine the color of the wall, furniture, floor and other ornaments in these pictures. The color harmony of the wall, floor, and furniture that makes the rooms nice to see can also become the inspiration.

“Ruche” Sofas by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset

“Ruche” Sofas by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset


 “Ruche” Sofas by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset2

Daisy Garden Quilted Bedding By Pottery Barn

Daisy Garden Quilted Bedding By Pottery Barn

Mademoiselle Moschino by Philippe Starck for Kartell


Mademoiselle Moschino by Philippe Starck for Kartell1

Mademoiselle Moschino by Philippe Starck for Kartell

Three new looks signed by Moschino for Kartell's most fashionable little armchair. Comfortable and cozy, chic but casual, Mademoiselle Moschino is available with a transparent or black frame.


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