My Home for Christmas

Christmas is almost here and I can't think of a more appropriate time to thank all of you who support and visit Belle Vivir, even when you stop by quietly without letting me know who you are. Without you dear readers I wouldn't be here so, for that thank you. I wish you the best Christmas and I hope that wherever you are, you feel the peace and love of this special time of year. Please find below a few images of our home. This year we kept things simpler than usual. We did not put a Christmas tree, instead I created small vignettes around the house.

I decided to decorate this sculpture by putting poinsettia between the wings but, as Murphy's law would dictate, just when I was going to take a close up of my wingy sculpture one of the flowers decided to fall down.

Inside our Art Deco bar. You can see my lovely nephew's head through the mirror.

All images for/by Bellevivir.

Nicole Miller throws a party

I know these images don't represent the season but the colors in them are more than inspiring. Nicole Miller got the inspiration for this party from the Donald Baechler painting (first picture). It doesn't take me by surprise how greatly she created the balance between taking it literally, using skulls on pillows, cards, coasters and interpreting them with wonderful happy colors. The party was at her home in Sag Harbour, NY, which is a beauty by itself. To see more of the party click here.

A gorgeous house like this doesn't need much to enhance.

Photos by Greg Morris

Meet "New Arcadia Studio"

I came across New Arcadia Studio when looking for chic glassware options at Barneys New York and loved their selection. I ended up getting a few glasses from their Rocks collection and the price for their products are more than affordable. They're hand drawn and decorated with 24k gold motif yet they are young, fresh and joyful. Everything I love when it comes to table settings.

"This collaboration ushers in a sense of style and elegance to tabletop that has been missing during this era of electronic design, resulting in gilded images and brightly colored patterns perfect for entertaining."

Love color

A perfect way of living a life, surrounded by beautiful shoes displays, open fire and beautiful shades of pastel colors. It sounds like Marie Antoinette.

images credit: Top via Claudia Trucco, 2 via Belgian Pearl, last via Beautiful Things to Share.


I am a big fan of scenic wallpaper but when it comes to choosing a favorite between geometric or scenic wallpaper, I can't. While a scenic wallpaper evokes the elegance and aristocracy that no other wallpaper offers, geometric wallpaper can give more freedom when it comes to decorating because, in my opinion, they work more as a uniform background. I love all of these images below and how young and versatile they look

Does anyone know who makes this wallpaper? I've seen it used a couple of times but none of the images credit the source. It's not Kelly Wearstler's trellis, in case you think otherwise. This is more rounded, while Kelly's trellis are bigger and it changes vertically from round to rectangular shape.

Quadrille's Ziggurat reverse.

Zebra-printed paper by Rose Cummings.

Trellis Background used by Tom Scheerer available at Quadrille.

I'm loving these geometric wallpapers below.

Neisha Crosland Zebra wallpaper.


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