Astounding Home in Australia Surrounded

Astounding Home in Australia Surrounded by Lush Vegetation

Combining an interesting mixture of hard stone and lush vegetation, the setting in which the K3 House was constructed was optimistically embedded into the life of the home. Located in Sydney, Australia, this amazing structure moulded by the imagination of Bruce Stafford Architects draws its power from the life of the plants surrounding and protecting it. The renovation plan of the house centers around an internal courtyard. A connection between the outside and the inside is established by the large sliding glass doors that open up the living space facing the courtyard. All the rooms enjoy the luscious panorama because of their orientation towards north. A luxurious pool is separated from the rest of the courtyard by glass half walls. Wood is used inside and out: it has a calming effect that contrasts with the metal and glass surfaces. A large entertaining area on the deck continues inside, into the living area. This is where the family gathers and spends quality time together. But once the evening is over, the parents retreat in the master suite pavillion, where they can quitely enjoy the panorama.

Bright and Cosy Villa Displaying an Interesting Shape in Austria

Located in Graz Geidorf, Austria, this next residential building, named the 3S Villa, was designed by architects from LOVE architecture and urbanism. The 145 sqm of the house seem to overcome the boundaries between inside and outside. Although the building has a contemporary structure, the whole concept of the house is based on the relation between nature and human space. Even the roof has an interesting shape: it folds on the southern terrace, continues up and over the building and ends up forming an abstract saddle roof. The white exterior acts like a canvas for the architect`s desire to explore and experiment with different forms. Each of the vantage points offers another view of the wonderful exterior design. The terrace in the back of the house has wood flooring, just like the interior. The same shade of brown allows the flooring to connect the outside with the inside in a natural manner, without disturbing the feeling of being in the middle of the nature.

Running late

I have some errands to run this morning before starting with Christmas decoration around the house, but I didn't want the weekend to start without wishing you a Good Weekend.

Images credit 1 Martha Stewart Living via Little Green Notebook, 2 via The Merry Magpie 3 via A Girl in the World.

Blogger state of mind

Many often, some of the best posts are born when searching about something completely irrelevant. You see, I search on Google images even when I don't exactly know the name of the item I'm searching for, with the hope that I can navigate to the detailed information when I find the image. But sometimes a stunning image crosses over taking me to a completely different direction sooner than I know, finding something I didn't even know existed. After I think I’ve found a new, exiting, never before seen information and start reading the source, taking images, building a post and publishing it, it turns out that it wasn't really new. When I visit another blog and see that blogger has made a post of the same subject with the same images, sometimes with a time frame as short as a week makes me wonder how small the Internet is, and how often different bloggers talk about the same thing without seeing each other’s blog. We're all too busy to visit all the blogs out there in the same day and the most recent posts don't come up on searches only after a few weeks, so I guess that this has happened to other bloggers as well. Has it happened to you?

Gorgeous table setting via EvenTagious.

Deck the door

These images at Once in a Little While, make me want to have a house in the woods with a very impressive main door to decorate like one of these entrances below. The problem would be to choose only one.

All images via Once in a little while.

Top of 2009 Minimalist interior Design

2009 Interior Design Minimalist Concept

A Madrilenian chalet with British influence

This Spanish abode used to be two separate houses that the owners fused into one with the help of an Architect. The now spacious rooms were decorated by the owners and I should say I love the feeling of just the right amount of seriousness and country feeling they accomplished. The same color scheme can be seen around the house bringing serenity. The patina of the unfinished wood of the furniture gives that country atmosphere that the owners seem to prefer.

All images via Micasa.



Modern kitchen design

Kitchens have become a place to gather as a family, entertain, socialize and for some a place to do home work. Use can lights to accent certain areas such as the stove or sink and other main areas used in food preparation. Use a simple rope light or specially made under counter light to accent the cabinets and counter tops. In selecting kitchen cabinets for a modern kitchen, most designers like to choose a single style of door, usually a flat design, to maintain consistency of color and form. Hardwood with evenly sized planks or large tile flooring materials will be the most commonly used styles.Here are some photos of modern or contemporary kitchen designs. These designs have a sleek clean look to them.
Love the kitchen faucet.


Decorating Inspiration

You may feel that you have no idea what you like when it comes to decorating. But if you look a little, you'll find great ideas. Check out the sources here for sources of decorating ideas and inspiration.Have you ever been in the position of knowing that you just have to do something to your living room or bedroom, but don't know where to start? Our sources of inspiration will guide you to ideas, pictures, and resources for beginning your decorating project.

A Girly Christmas

~ When a girl ceases to blush, she has lost the most powerful charm of her beauty ~
Gregory I


Last four images via Livingetc.


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