Oceanopoly Game - 30% Off

If you're kids love the beach as much as you do, they might enjoy receiving an Oceanopoly Game for Christmas. At Barnes and Noble you can save 30% off the cost of one kids toy, game or book. Use coupon code "H4W9V7M". Plus shipping is automatically free on orders of $25 or more. Coupon expires 1/10/2011 and is only valid once. So with the coupon Oceanopoly will be marked down to $19.96.

A touch of Christmas for your table

If I spot one of these adorable napkin rings at one of my friends Christmas dinner party, I might stay for next morning left over. Wouldn't you? Available here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

A Feminine Abode

I came across this very feminine and stylish home this morning while visiting iVillage. It belongs to designer Sara Tuttle and I love the use of pink tones mixed with gilded accessories and mirrored furniture throughout.

All images from here.

When spiral staircases steal the show

It can be pretty spectacular.

Giancarlo Giammetti Paris' apartment

A Paris home via here.

Creative use of wasted spaces

Storage, storage, storage is all we covet sometimes. Storage is something we can never get enough of, especially when we never stop buying or starting a new collection. When there is no empty floor space to add onto; going inside the walls, under staircases, or even adding a shelf over a hallway door is a smart way to go.

photo by Jon Jensen via Coastal Living

Love this idea of using books or magazines as bench legs.

putting priorities in order

If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much. - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

via here.

via here.

Via here.

Graffiti on your walls?

I believe that when there are children in the house the approach to decorate a house is based on safety more than anything else. Things like rounded corners instead of pointed ones, easy access to toys and keeping lower kitchen cabinets locked among other things are to be considered. But i also think there is a fun part that should be included when decorating a home with kiddos. Especially because personalized and unique homes could lead to creativity and individuality in your child. Things like stencils, geometric wallpapers or just a chalk wall would be a great way to inject that fun part in a home. I love all these images below and one thing I know for sure with a cool house like one of these below your kid will be the coolest kid in the block.

two top images via Vogue Living Australia.

Kelly Wearstler's grand foyer

Melbourne Fashion Institute Le Louvre via Vogue Living Australia.

I've been taking a class on Decorative Arts after 1800's and I have to say that even when I'm not a big fan of Cubist influenced paintings I've being strongly influenced by Stijl's style and its ideas of universal unification that makes me seriously think about doing something crazy with my foyer walls based on this particular style. Perhaps it would not be only horizontal and vertical lines, but would be a little bit more curvy here and there in a more monochromatic scheme.

A Theo van Doesburg painting.

Glamour on a budget

I saw this table at Pier 1 Imports last week and I couldn't believe how good it looked. It looks even better in person and for $599 its a real steal. I would pair it with these really inexpensive chairs after reupholster them in black leather add this chandelier and its instant glam for less than $1,120.

a stunning use of color by Jonathan Berger

While putting together my previous post I remembered the stunningly bold Brooklyn townhouse designed by Jonathan Berger featured in the July issue of House Beautiful last year. This townhouse is an eloquent example of my last post. It's daring but elegant and fun. And while it may not be appealing to men, I have to admit that I love everything in this house, from the impressive foyer painted in Razzle Dazzle by Benjamin Moore with its accents of white and blue to the ridiculous-crazy-beautiful bed which was designed based on a 1940s Serge Roche model. This house makes me want to go and stalk its owner until I can be let in and tour this amazing home. Or, maybe we can trade spaces?

Color well done

I can appreciate all types of design, may it be a beige room, a monochromatic room or a black room but there is something about a room with colorful touches that stop me on my track every time I see one. These images have been in my colorful-rooms file for a while, I hope you enjoy them.

Via Pretty Stuff.

two images above via Vogue Living Australia.

Banisters painted in different colors: How kid friendly is that? via LivingEtc.


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