Meet Design Red's fantastic foux technique

I met the Design Red team at the Architectural Digest home show early this year and was very impressed with their fine decorative painting work. "Design Red is a Chicago based firm that specializes in fine decorative painting, with a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship on every project, and is known for extensive experience, highly skilled artistry, innovative style, creativity, and distinguishing detail. Named by Chicago Magazine for "Best Faux Finishes" in 2007, DesignRed's clientele include prominent interior designers and architects, and private individuals." Some of their work can be printed as wallpaper and delivered to their clients making the process more personal and easier. Below are samples of their work. I can only imagine how much work and effort it takes to get these kinds of results.

This bathroom looks as glamorous as it can be with antique gilding technique.

One of two side tables that were gilded then burnished and detail of an antique gilded bathroom.

Hand painted ceiling panels in a French Beaux Arts design and detail of blue faux bois.

I love the Faux bois in this bathroom.

Bronze gilded ceiling and dressing screen gilded and hand painted with Modern design.

Hand painted chinoiserie wallpaper and black-on-black stenciled wall.
Enjoy your weekend!!

Classically Contemporary

I came across this Atico Madrileno (usually the top floor apartment with a roof terrace) yesterday while browsing Nuevo Estilo. This apartment surrounded by an indoor patio was renovated by Interior Decorator Pedro Rubio, unfortunately he doesn't have a website to get lost in. The home owners who are frequent travelers asked for a dynamic home where they could enjoy different seating areas, bring in family pieces and display their travel collection. The result was a mixture of different styles and characters using classic and modern furniture with exotic African elements and central Asian textile (suzani). One of my favorite elements on Spanian Interiors is how they enhance or improve the architecture of rooms by incorporating such elements as modern panelings, lacquered walls, geometric painted floors and graphic sliding doors making rooms look more dynamic and interesting.

The cozy yet sophisticated library and family room. Those bookcases and those Amalfi Coast chairs really make the room.

The mirrored fireplace-wall contrasts with the adjacent modern paneling. Love how the use of the round cocktail table facilitates the flow.

The Wiggle Stool by Frank Gehry seems to blend in effortlessly with the tones of browns and grays in the living room.

The kitchen table used to be an ironing table and its now, together with the head fixture the focal point of the room.

The graphic sliding doors contrast the modern wood paneling. A modern architectural enhancing element that's easy to replicate.

I love seeing examples of small bathrooms that are both functional and beautiful.

Images via Nuevo Estilo.

The Divide Table

The Divide Table

handmade wallpapper

handmade wallpapper

luxury lamp design

luxury lamp  design

Glamorous mother of pearl wall art - Really Linda Barker

Glamorous mother of pearl wall art - Really Linda Barker

wooden Doors style

wooden Doors style

classic wooden door

classic wooden door

luxury wooden doors design

luxury wooden doors design

the wonderful 30's

Drew Barrymore never looked this good.
I tried unsuccessfully not to start this post with the phrase "There must be something in the water" but I honestly couldn't because I ran out of excuses to explain the transformation of these ladies when they turn 30. Not only do they look much younger but slimmer, firmer, happier, healthier and simply better. I suppose, ahem, it's genetic although I think that maybe if we make e few million a year and have access to the best and last cosmetic procedures we would all look like that too or at least close. Whatever the reason is it's wonderful to see that people who take good care of themselves just seem to stay young. Or so I hope. I should frame each one of these photos and put them up on the ceiling of my bedroom to be the first thing to look at when I wake up to remind myself to be more consistent with my pilates.

Katie Holmes, I mean what can I say about someone who resembles Jackie Kennedy so much? Is there anything else better than that? Well, besides eliminating world hunger, of course.

Jessica Alba, have you guys noticed that she only gets better? She is not 30 yet but she'll be early next year and we can see her transformation slowly in front of our eyes.

Gwenyth Paltrow, where did she keep those legs all along. After she turned 30 she promptly starter to wear mini skirt as if she figured out that "you got it use it before you lose it."

Eva Mendez, after turning thirty she became Calvin Klein's underwear model. That says it all.

Modern & Fantastic Hill House Design of Lima Residence by Abramson Teiger Architects

Modern Hill House of Lima ResidenceModern Hill House of Lima Residence

Here is The Lima Residence, a modern hill house that designed by Abramson Teiger Architects where located in in Calabasas, California. Situated on the edge of a natural preserve this house takes full advantage of the uninterrupted natural landscape that it faces. A series of connected folding roof and wall planes clad in metal were strategically positioned to accentuate views of canyon below and mountains beyond. At points the folded walls lift up revealing poured in place concrete walls that enclose much of the first floor spaces. The compound consists of the main house building and the garage, guest room building which are separated by a courtyard. The house form is a rectangle, in plan, with the long side composed of large glass doors and windows that face the view. The plan is essentially open with living -dining room and family room separated by a free-standing cabinet.

Modern Hill House of Lima ResidenceNatural Landscaping of Lima Residence

The living –dining space is voluminous with its 14 foot high ceilings and clear story windows. It opens to the kitchen which runs perpendicular to the main space. The dining sequence transverses the living space in a series of spaces that each open up to the other and to the exterior in a dramatic manner. The kitchen has a series of sliding doors that disappear into a wall resulting in the exterior eating patio and the kitchen to be unified as one eating cooking environment. Likewise the kitchen and formal dining area are open to each other and are on the same axis. They face the view and connect to the exterior with another set of sliding doors that open up completely.

Modern Hill House of Lima ResidenceOpened Dining Room of Lima Residence

The form of the house is conceived as a series of folding roof planes clad in factory painted charcoal gray metal. At some points the metal roof is either folded up or down to become wall planes. These walls frame openings that are focused on the view to the hills beyond. At points the folded walls lift up revealing poured in place concrete walls that are part of the first floor enclosure. A wood grained phenoelic resin clad “box” protrudes from the house. The “box” which is a storeroom, has a greater purpose of truncating the visual axis on approach to the glass front door, and is an integral part of the enclosure that makes up the exterior eating patio. The wood grained resin panel box thrusts into the house, containing the kitchen, and introducing a warm hue to compliment the palette of natural materials.

Modern Living Room Ideas of Lima Residence

Behind the kitchen is a raised landing area that leads to the steel staircase. This landing separated from the family room by a built in bar, is an in informal study and home office. The staircase is a steel butterfly frame with apparently floating wood treads that lead to the second floor master bedroom suite. The stair is free of the perimeter walls The swimming pool runs parallel to the house and is a blue dash of water that compliments the view to the natural preserve. Between the pool and the house is a strip of low maintenance artificial turf. The pool forms one edge to the courtyard between the two buildings. A fire pit is the focus of this outdoor living space. There is a strong indoor outdoor connection reinforced by large sliding doors and glass walls that visually unite the interiors with the exterior.

Modern Hill House of Lima ResidenceModern Bathroom Decorating Ideas of Lima Residence

Millbrae House, Stylish Modern Home Design in North West London

Millbrae is a modern contemporary property in NW London and available for location shoots via Udara.Interior this property in the luxurious design, among others; a luxurious bedroom is equipped with decorasi a very unique and modern, there is also a cinema, the exterior design features a touch pool outdoor pool and sunken trampolines (ideal for relaxing in between takes!).

I'm falling for Fall

It's raining and there are no signs of ceasing anytime soon. I feel like lingering inside all day watching bad "design shows", but I have to run out and confront it. I though it would be nice to bring the fall inside, so I set up all these gorgeous fall inspiring spaces this morning right after I woke up just for you. As you can see, I am truly a morning person. :)

All Images from Nuevo Estilo.


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