a look into Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan's home

A darling reader sent me this link to Plum TV where you can watch Johnathan Adler in his studio making pottery and also look inside his home. As you may expect, it's a fun and beautiful home, full of colors and individuality. The video is a little long but if you have time try to watch it until the end and listen to how Simon and Jonathan confronted difficult situations in their lives that encouraged them to accomplish what they have today.

Enjoy your Halloween weekend!

Best Modern Tropical House In Asian- Modern bar apartment

Modern bar apartment
These Modern bar apartment photo, its very comfortable. Modern minimalist concept applied in this luxurious bar apartment areas. Parquet floor use this apartment. all wall unit use brown color. combination black and brown color decorate in this apartment. Bar apartment furniture available in this areas. Granite stone decorate in this bar table. Get this luxurious bar interior design to redesign your bar.

Modern minimalist Summer Beach House interior design

Modern minimalist Summer Beach House interior design

Modern minimalist Summer Beach House interior design. Its very elegance house with beautiful lighting, especially looks the night. Minimalist swing pool can be found in this summer house. This architecture use tropical house concept, so the name is tropical summer Beach house. Surround the tree and green atmosphere make this house feel fresh. Summer Beach House interior designed by studio 27 architecture and located in Fire Island in New York

Best Modern Tropical House In Asian-Jesse James Is on the Move

Best Modern Tropical House In Asian-Jesse James Is on the MoveRumor has it that cheatin' chopper customizer Jesse James wants to unload his ocean front house in Sunset Beach, CA and relocate to Austin, TX, which just happens to one of the several cities where his soon to be ex-wife Sandra Bullock owns a home. It also happens to be where Mister James has some bidness interests of his own so the move may not be entirely motivated by a desire to woo his wife back into his deceitful and tattooed arms. The people at People reported that Mister James has already made an offer on a house in Austin, but Your Mama don't know nuthin' about that.

Property records show that Mister James bought his beach house, a two story number with 3,626 square feet, in September of 2003 when he was still married to his second wife, porno hacktress and huzband beater Janine Lindemueller. Records also show the residence has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 poopers and an enclosed ocean side terrace with a small swimming pool.

It's highly doubtful with all the negative publicity Mister James has received due to his cheatin' ways that the property will be listed on the open market. At this point no one has whispered to Your Mama what Mister James wants for the house but a quick bit of research on the interweb reveals that there are at least three ocean front homes in Sunset Beach currently on the market that range in asking price from $3,365,000 to $4,750,000. Previous reports indicate the house was assessed at more than $3,600,000 in 2009.

It's unclear if Miz Bullock ever inhabited this house in Sunset Beach but it seems odd to Your Mama that a ladee like Miz Bullock, a gal with millions of disposable dollars and 4 or 5 houses of her own, would move into a house she knew hubby shared with his less than savory second wife. But then again, what do we know about the wacky real estate ways of the rich and famous?

Mister James, according to property records, also owns a condo in Sunset Beach that appears to be owned or inhabited by his first wife Karla.

Miz Bullock, the real money in that relationship, has a fat real estate portfolio stuffed with dee-luxe cribs including a house just above the Sunset Strip next door to Cameron Diaz, a big mansion on the outskirts of Austin, TX, an ocean front spread on Tybee Island in Georgia, that big ol' Victorian in New Orleans, and a townhouse in downtown New York City.

UPDATE: Turns out ol' Jesse James thinks his house is among the most valuable in Sunset Beach. According to new reports, the asking price of the house is $6,750,000, a couple to several million more than most of the other ocean front houses in the quiet community

Best Modern Tropical House In Asian-Kate Moss Has a Basement Full of Crap

Best Modern Tropical House In Asian-Kate Moss Has a Basement Full of CrapCatwalker Kate Moss is having a bad month.

Last week a gang of thieves broke into her house in London's well heeled St. John's Wood area and absconded with a trio of art pieces including a portrait by the somewhat mysterious graffiti artist Banksy reported to be worth over $115,000. Miss Moss, her daughter, her mother, and her musician man-friend Jamie Hince were all in the house sleeping when the burglary occurred but no one, as far and Your Mama knows, was bothered or busted up by the burglars. Fortunately for her, a 24 year old believed to be connected to the break in has been arrested.

The next bedevilment to befall the manikin was a malfunctioning basement pump that flooded the lower level of her home with raw sewage, untreated liquid waste that can contain so many unsavory things we can't bear to mention them. Lo-ward have mercy children, just the thought of that much terlit waste sloshing around the house is enough to make Your Mama gag and grab a nerve pill.

In addition to some household appliances and pricey rugs, the severely unsanitary and often hazardous material reportedly wrecked and ruined some furniture, a few photographs by legendary lens man Mario Testino, and Miss Moss's shoe collection, which you know was extensive, valuable, and fa-bew-lus.

Just to add insult to Miss Moss's month of vexation and exasperation, no one was willing to cough up the minimum bid for a group of nekkid portraits of the celery stalk thin model by photographer Albert Watson that recently came up for auction at Christie's. The enlarged contact sheet was expected to sell for between $29,000 and $43,000. But alas..

Best Modern Tropical House In Asian-UPDATE: Alan Jackson

Best Modern Tropical House In Asian-UPDATE: Alan JacksonIf the children will put on their thinking caps and try to remember all the way back to June of 2009, they may recall the day Your Mama prattled on about country music star Alan Jackson and Sweetbriar, his sprawling estate in rural Franklin, TN that he had listed with a husky and exuberantly optimistic asking price of $38,000,000.

Word is now slip sliding down the gossip grapevine that Mister and Missus Jackson have pulled a rabbit from a real estate hat, unloading their lavish 135-acre spread and its nearly 19,000 square foot mansion for a record breaking $28,000,000 and change.

While the sale price is a titanic ten million clams less than Mister and Missus Jackson had hoped and aimed for, it's still many millions more than any other residential property in the Nashville area has sold for in recent memory and well over double the $11,500,000 that tech and entertainment tycoon Todd Wagner laid out in 2007 for Deer Park Farm, country queen Tanya Tucker's 22,600 square foot behemoth on 500 acres in Arrington, TN.

The new owners, according to property records and recent reports, are Willis and Reba Johnson. Mister Johnson founded a company called Copart, Inc, a Fairfield, CA based operation that auctions busted up automobiles for insurance companies and other entities with bunches of wrecked up cars to sell. According to recent filings, Mister Johnson's stake in the publicly traded company adds up to a whopping $340,000,000, making him more than financially qualified to buy and maintain an estate of this magnitude.

Property records show that among various other properties, Mister and Missus Johnson own a monster mansion on a 79-acre vineyard in the pristine Suisun Valley, just outside of Fairfield, CA. As it turns out, Your Mama has–or rather once had–a vague connection to the Suisun Valley. About a hundred years ago, when Your Mama was just a baby-faced pipsqueak attending university in northern California, we had a short but large chested and ostensibly heterosexual roommate who worked as a stripper in the local gay bars whose grandfather was an eccentric muckety-muck in the Suisun Valley. This multi-millionaire, while nine kinds of strange, was nothing but kind to Your Mama. In fact, he once purchased us a pair of sneakers at the local flea market because he didn't like us running around barefoot on his tennis court and he would sometimes do head scratching things like drive over to the local vegetable stand in his vintage convertible Rolls Royce–white with red leather interior, natch–in nothing but an itty bitty Speedo style bathing suit. We speak the truth, kiddies.

Anyhoo, in addition to the colossal colonial style mansion with its 6 bedrooms, 9 terlits, 5 fireplaces, and 20-car garage, Mister and Missus Johnson's super-sized new digs in Franklin, TN include an entrance hall with two circular staircases, a hotel lobby-like living room with a Chevy-sized chandelier–or, as Your Mama's Big Daddy would say it, a Shivvy-sized shandaleer–a paneled office suite, country kitchen, double height family room, and a sun porch that overlooks the swimming pool and spa.

The extensive grounds contain a barn-like building that houses an indoor tennis/basketball court, numerous pastures, a fish stocked 10-acre pond with sandy beach and three bay boat house, a barn with 2 bedroom apartment, and a massive entertainment terrace with outdoor fireplace. Just in case that isn't enough to maintain, there's also an ATV/go-cart track, an grass airplane runway, and a 2-bedroom log cabin that sits next to the Harpath River that winds along the edge of the property.

In June of 2009, Mister and Missus Jackson told a local newspaper that they were looking to downsize into sometime more manageable and less high maintenance.

trompe-l-oeil doors

What a great idea! Trompe l'Oeil door stickers. Printed in real size on adhesive fabric. How come no one thought of this before?

Le Style Castaing

Last night I started reading World of Madeleine Castaingby Emily Evans Eerdmans and I can hardly put it down. It's the most interesting book I've read lately, maybe because it studies the fabulous and inspiring life and work of a fascinating French antiquaire and decorator who is still influential today. As an interior designer and a woman I love nothing more than a woman with strong will and individuality which Madeleine Castaing was a master of. What I especially love about reading this book is how easily I can transfer myself back to the 1920's to the cafe La Rotonde in Paris and almost watch Castaing, her husband Marcellin and her more than fabulous friends holding court and trading art for wine.

"It was interesting to witness the whole movement. Everyone was in Paris. Every language could be heard, and in the evening all the painters were at Montparnasse. What fascinated me was that I caught sight of Trotsky, Lenin, and the big Derain strutting around, too. Picasso, no, never. He didn't go down to Montparnasse much. He stayed in Montmartre." - Madeleine.

Recently I spotted two of Miles Redd's works that bear resemblance to Le Style Castaing.

Castaing's former antique store in Paris.

Below is Miles Redd's famous townhouse. Both have a very similar atmosphere.

Below, a part of Madeline Castaing's house. She was famous for her frequent use of blue.

Below, the gorgeous breath taking breakfast room designed by Miles Redd recently featured in Town and Country. Miles also favors the color blue.

Good quality design gets reinvented and reinterpreted every time. It never dies out.
images scanned by me from Town and Country.

Only in New York City

Creativity is everywhere but New York City is the crown jewel.

Image of the Dior store on 57th St while in renovation taken by/for Bellevivir

Hawaiian Slippers Rugs

hawaiian style rugs - slippers green Hawaiian slippers rugs
These adorable Hawaiian slippers rugs would look terrific in a Hawaiian bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or anywhere else you choose. They come in size 24" x 24". Visit The Hawaiian Home for more Hawaiian style rugs.

Happy Retirement Mr. Hadley

I was told by a very reliable source a few weeks ago that the legendary Albert Hadley is retiring. I felt happy for him but also sad that I won't get to see more of his always admirable work. I called his office in an attempt to prove me wrong and they confirmed that this week will be the last week of Albert Hadley Incorporated. Nothing I could say about his work, his legacy and his mayor influence in the design world would be enough so all I'm going to do is wish Mr. Hadley a very Happy Retirement. Below are photos of the last work designed by Albert Hadley and Britton Smith published by Elle Decor.

Bellow is a shot of Albert Hadley's dining room in his Connecticut house.

Effortlessly Chic vs. Effortfully Chic

I could learn a thing or two about fashion but one thing I know for sure is that nothing sounds more appealing to me than the word Effortlessly Chic when it comes to dressing. More for the comfort side of it than for the actual chic other. Nothing explains more an Effortlessly Chic concept than dresses, skirts, comfortable tops and fabrics like cotton and cashmere. On the other hand, please get ready for this, I may be the only person who you've heard saying this, but I dislike jeans and find them extremely uncomfortable. You must be reading this and thinking that I'm from another planet. But the fact is that I would only wear them like Europeans do, loose enough. Don't take me wrong I've seen many Effortfully-put-together-drop-dead outfits out there like the ones Anna Dello Russo wears; but having a two year old who decides to get mamities whenever I happen to wear one of my Thakoon silk dresses it's not fun, trust me. So I've been searching for inspiration on how to dress comfortably and still look Effortlessy Chic. Below are a few photos that caught my eye.

Effortfully Chic outfits below. One too tight, the other too big and probably too heavy also.

Some images from The Sartorialist.

Alan Campbell's fabric for sale

Potalla is definitely one of Quadrille's best fabrics. I have some yards left in multi blues on white please email me for inquiries.


I've always loved Cap Ferrat by Quadrille. As used here by Elizabeth Dinkel.

photo via Quadrille.

Coldwater Creek - Extra 25% Clearance + Free Shipping

Through 10/27, save an extra 25% off Coldwater Creek's Outlet, plus get free shipping. The extra 25% off will appear in your shopping cart at checkout. Use coupon code "WHH8931" to get free shipping with no minimum amount required.
Some favorite tropical jewelry finds include:

shell earrings
Beachcomber Shell Earrings $7.99 shipped (was $29.99)
tropical necklace
Shell and Stone Necklace $14.99 shipped (was $59.95)

tropical necklace sea glass
Sea Glass and Bead Necklace $20 shipped (was $45.95)

Kips Bay Showhouse, news

If you have already been to this year's Kips Bay Showhouse you must agree with me that the rooms look stunning. For those of you who cannot make it to the House you can go here and take sneak peaks into the beautiful rooms. Then, on November 4, Gilt will sell the furnishings that are being used in some designers' rooms as well as giving everyone the chance to win a two-hour consultation with one of the featured designers like 2Michaels and Jennifer Post and $1,000 credit to shop at Gilt Home. To enter, you simply need to visit and register for this unique opportunity. Head over to Gilt's Facebook page to see photos and videos of The Kips Bay rooms.

Natural Rustic Table Lamp by Julian Robin

Are your home need lamp for interior lighting? it’s natural Rustic Table lamp designed by Julian Robin. Rustic Table lamp has features like When it is off, the wood grain is visible. Turn it on and the oak leaves magically appear. The interior of the lamp is etched with leaf patterns. This rustic design is perfect for a log home, to remind you about your long walks through the woods, collecting colorful oak foliage in the fall. The Cub lamp is designed by Julian Robin
 Natural Rustic Table Lamp2

 Natural Rustic Table Lamp4

Modern Contemporary Japanese Platform Beds

Our outdoor space, After

It seems like Autumn can't make up its mind. Many trees are already changing color and there have been a few cool days, although summer pleasantly keeps lingering. Yesterday was as sunny as it could get, and it felt over 70 degrees, not exactly what you would expect from a Fall day, giving us the best reason to lounge outside on our balcony. If you read my blog you may remember how my balcony used to look like, bottom picture. I painted the floor and walls in two different shades of gray which I see more as a neutral color. Then, my adorable hubby covered the spaces between the side wood with pieces of stud, not to make it look like diamond lattice trellis, but to close it, that's why the pattern may look a little quirky to you. I'm glad Fall is still wavering.


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