Ancient Luxury Roman Home Interiors In Portugal

The ancient roman home designs shown below are attractive and yet simple. The main idea of the design was taken from the fact that ancient Roman homes were usually built on a square plot. The main structure has a complex architecture plan and houses four bedrooms, a gym, two huge bathrooms with amazing design. Outside there is a gigantic swimming pool needed for this type of a house. The designers have tried to make the most of the land to create a joining with the interior of the building, leaving a view of the valley and the square that exists between the two bodies housing. The interior design is modern, with contemporary furniture and interesting decorative items.

Ancient Roman Home Interiors In Portugal – Exterior Design
ancient roman luxury home exterior design

Ancient Roman Home Interiors In Portugal – Exterior Swimming Pool
ancient roman luxury home exterior swimming pool

Ancient Roman Home Interiors In Portugal – Living Room Design
ancient roman luxury home living room interiors

Ancient Roman Home Interiors In Portugal – Bedroom Design
ancient roman luxury home bedroom interiors

Ancient Roman Home Interiors In Portugal – Kitchen Design
ancient roman luxury home kitchen design

Modern Clear Minimalist House Design Idea

Minimalist House Design, Minimalist Design, House Design, Modern Minimalist House, Modern House Design

Modern Clear Minimalist House Design Idea

Winter Clearance Sale at Fitz and Floyd

The Winter clearance event at Fitz and Floyd has a couple of tropical items at great deals.

Seascape Platter

Seascape Platter on sale for $16.99 was $85

Carioca Pineapple Bowl
Carioca Pineapple Bowl sale $5.60 was $28

Hawaii Tsunami Warning

You know it can't be good news when your phone rings extra early on a Saturday morning. My Aunt Carol was on the line telling me about a huge earthquake in Chili. As a result, there is a tsunami warning being issued for the entire Pacific region.
My in-laws are spending the Winter in Kauaii. I gave them a call and unfortunately woke them up from sleep. They are aware of the situation and will evacuate to higher ground when they are told.
If you'd like to see live news feed on the situation, here is the link.

Luxury of Dining Room Furniture

The functional of dining room is one of the most important rooms in our home where we can gather with family and friends to share great food and memorable moments. However, we need to create our dining room with nice design, interesting dining room furniture or dining room sets according to the home situation.

There are many of dinging room furniture or dining sets including contemporary, formal, and modern tables and chairs with a variety of styles, colors, and additional furniture pieces to complete our dining room and to make our dining room look great, stylish and comfortable.

We can choose the dining sets or dining room furniture like the table and chairs that perfectly match the style of our home. There are many options to choose from, so whether you have a large family or just like to entertain large groups. We provide you some interesting furniture style for the dining room design from the high quality, top manufacturer.

Dining room furniture modern Style has designed to give your dining room space an innovative look. Dining sets such as table and chair in the modern design can be customized by adding or removing items that you need especially if your home interior as modern design.

Dining room Furniture Modern Style

If you looking for a perfect contemporary dining room furniture set to add new life in your dining room design, below are some dining set picture which can bring beauty and elegance style to your home :

Dining room Furniture Contemporary Style

Dining room furniture or dining sets also available in the formal style, mostly this design choose by the people who want to put their dining situation near or direct to the living room area.

Dining room Furniture Formal Style

Modern Design of Living Room Furniture

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house in where your family will spends their time to organizes holidays and parties, receives visitors and relaxes (Home Design). That is the reason why We need to arrange and design Our living room to put Our self comfortable at home, including choose of living room's furniture models.

You can see Our photo gallery about living room furniture items, Home furnishing styles including leather, traditional, contemporary, and modern with an expanding selection of sectionals and recliners.

Living room furniture Chair

Living room furniture Sofa

Living room furniture are including Chair, Sofa, Table, Small cabinet and Big cabinets. In order to get nice look, You have to decide first whether you want to set your living room as traditional design, modern design or romantic design. After that you can start to choose kind of living room furniture, color and models according to the living room situation.

Living room furniture Small Cabinets

Living room furniture Big Cabinets

Ensure that your living room furniture match with your existing decor and enhance the look of your living room. Whether you need an entertainment center, occasional tables, or any other living room furniture items.

Modern Minimalist House Design Zerow

Minimalist House Design, Minimalist Design, House Design, Modern Minimalist House, Modern House Design

Modern Minimalist House Design Zerow

Modern and Classical Kitchen Room Furniture

Through the years kitchens have evolved from being a small room in the back of the house to being the focal point of the home. To make the kitchen room more comfortable for daily activity, of course we need to design them by putting some kitchen room furniture. There are some Tips how to renovate the kitchen room, what We'll need to do at every stage of the remodeling process:

  • Find Inspiration for Your New Kitchen.

  • Open kitchen's design (We can use this design if we want our family and friends enjoy and relax their healthy meals in our home), Closed kitchen's design (Mostly kitchen used only for cooking and put the items).

  • Plan Your Total Remodel Budget.

  • We need to calculate and make total how much money we need to spend our budget to design the kitchen room, especially to buy kitchen set furniture.

  • Determine Your Kitchen Layout.

  • Which architectural style will guide the transformation of the space? Cape Cod, Farmhouse, Dutch Colonial, Saltbox, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Eastlake, Queen Anne, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Craftsman, Foursquare, Prairie, Art Deco or Modern.

  • Decide Whether to Replace or Reface Your Cabinets.

  • Kitchen cabinets will help establish the character for the whole living space, The choice of wood will have an effect on the overall look of your room each having its own unique characteristics. There are many choice of kitchen furniture wood such as ; alder, cherry, beech, hickory, maple, oak, lyptus and paintable wood. Using a light wood such as oak, birch, ash, beech, maple, or chestnut will lighten the kitchen.

  • Complete The Kitchen Room With Proper Lighting.

  • Like others room in the house, the ability to adjust light levels in the kitchen is ideal, because when cooking or cleaning up, a bright punch of illumination makes the job easier. Support the lighting with same color of our kitchen room furniture, we can choose one of lighting style such as ; natural lighting, accent lighting, ambient, and task lighting and what types of bulbs will you be using: fluorescent, incandescent or quartz halogen.

  • Decorating the kitchen room should be a priority when decorating a new home, Kitchen room furniture are important item to make the kitchen look beautiful and give us feel comfort when doing an activity. Some of family they will use the kitchen room as dinning room too, It's mean they need to put dinning furniture.

    Furniture item for the Kitchen room are including Baker's Racks, Pie Safes, Buffet's, Kitchen Islands, Kitchen cabinets, wine racks, Dining Room Chairs and Table. All of them it will look nice if they are in one color.

    Modern Interior Home Furniture

    Home furniture is the collective term for the movable objects at home that support to the human body (seating furniture and beds), provide storage or hold objects on horizontal surfaces above the ground. Furniture can be a product of artistic design and is considered a form of decorative art, but some time furniture also a symbolic or religious purpose.

    The people who move or make a new house they will buy and put the furniture item in their house from the furniture store. They will buy furniture according how much they have budget and what kind of needs on their house. Home furniture has many style such as temporary furniture, transitional, eclectic, country and traditional style.

    Furniture's product made by many of company and home industry which always coming in new model base on trend's design style. Artistic furniture mostly become interesting choice for the costumer.

    Modern House Design Idea with Pool at Night

    Minimalist House Design, Minimalist Design, House Design, Modern Minimalist House, Modern House Design

    Modern House Design Idea with Pool at Night

    Style Bathroom Furniture Design and Accessories

    Bathroom is one of importance room in our house, We need to create them and design them as we can with some beautiful models of furniture to make us comfortable when entering the bathroom area, especially if the bathroom has more space or large size.

    So, it's good reason to have a well designed and decorated bathroom space with interesting and nice design of furniture because not only for aesthetic reasons but for ergonomics and functionality. Start to make plan, try to create some ideas for your bathroom such as how the bathroom's look and style.

    Bathroom Furniture : Placement

    Which style you want to do with your bathroom, romantic style, cool style or modern style. Many of furniture are design for bathroom use, and you can choose them to make your bathroom look nice and put all item that may you use in the bathroom. There are many accessories furniture that you can select them according to your budged, of course it will help you to design your bathroom more interesting and functional use.

    Bathroom Furniture : Accessories

    Furniture cabinets model has a functional for personalized storage solutions inside the bathroom. If you like to create a contemporary and traditional bathroom, You can chose one of top company that supplying bathroom furniture from top brand manufacturers such as Roper Rhodes and Catalano. Both of these product provided many furniture to help the customer in order to make home design style.

    Roost Accessories

    One of my favorite brand of affordable luxury accessories is Roost. The majority of their products are designed by a small group of designers and the finished pieces are handmade, small craft production. Their line ranges from furniture to lighting to table top utilizing different materials such as textiles, stone, wood and mouth-blown glass and more. Below are a few of my top favorites.

    I think these Penguin Salt and Pepper Shakers made out of buffalo horn, combined with wood chargers and this Brown Lip Mother of Pearl Dish, would make a very exotic and chic table setting.

    The Ibex Glassware collection is mouth-blown and hand-carved. The Agate bookends are made of agate pieces from gemstones.

    I love this, The Cargo Mushroom Stool that is hand-carved from bark-edged mango wood

    The Artist Hand Models.

    The Chronicle Baskets, made from rolled newspapers that are stitched together to create each unique container. Roost sells only wholesale but you can find many of their very popular products in modern stores. All these are available at Velocity.

    Beauty of Wood Showroom Retail Design

    Wood Showroom Retail Design Picture:


    impressive wooden rack

    wall art

    second floor

    clothes rack

    glass shelves



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