Eyelid Minimalist House Design Idea

Minimalist House Design, Minimalist Design, House Design, Modern Minimalist House, Modern House Design

Eyelid Minimalist House Design Idea

The Most Stylish Christmas Tree new trends

The Most Stylish Christmas TreeClaridge's Christmas tree was designed by flamboyant Christian Dior designer John Galliano.

Most bodies commonly adorn their Christmas copse with tinsel, ablaze lights and an array of baubles with a bogie or ablaze brilliant on the top.

But leave it to the accessories of baroque appearance artist John Galliano and you're affirmed a aberration to the acceptable Norwegian fir.

The Christian Dior artistic administrator was asked by affluence London auberge Claridge's to architecture a blithe tree, the aboriginal time in its 112-year history that it has collaborated on its Christmas decorations.

Modern Minimalist House Design with Concrete Material

Minimalist House Design, Minimalist Design, House Design, Modern Minimalist House, Modern House Design

Modern Minimalist House Design with Concrete Material

Hawaiian Fabric

Island Sanctuary Lei Light Blue

If you are looking for Hawaiian fabric for your own crafting projects or for home decor, I've found that has a nice selection. Some great search terms are "hawaiian", "tropical", "beach", or "hibiscus". One of my favorite prints is pictured above called Island Sanctuary Lei in Light Blue.

Home Decor Items

How many times were you faced with procuring a gift and didn’t have a clue where to begin? Have you ever considered handmade gifts or home décor items?

To some, shopping for handmade gifts means the items are inexpensive or lacking in quality. This is not always the case.

Usually handmade items are different from their mass produced counterparts. You’ll see hard to find, unique, and some truly individually designed products. A hand stitch or two may be visible, but this is one of the things that makes the product unique because the human element is apparent, which is priceless.

Remember to keep the recipient in mind when selecting a gift. What are their special interests, hobbies, pets, outdoor activities, and indoor activities? Ask a few questions of someone who may know the answers, this will be your basis for a gift idea.

Handmade items are special and beyond what may be considered the norm. The recipient will take notice that you thought enough of them to get something truly unique.

Gift ideas may include home decorating items like handmade decorative pillows, embellished chic shabby guest towels, vintage pillows, cat lover gifts, handmade wallets, handbags, bedding ensembles, music boxes and embroidered items.

Where might you find handmade gift items? The internet, local craft shops, craft fairs, and specialty boutiques.

Valorie's Room is exclusive home design

Remember my trip to New Orleans and my great blogging friend, Valorie from Visual Vamp ? She shares my love of antique oyster plates!
Well the very talented Valorie has made it into the semi final round of the Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest.
Valorie's office is fabulous. We only have 24 hours to vote for her. Please give her room a look - I am sure you will agree it should get the top honors.

Madrona Minimalist House Design Idea

Minimalist House Design, Minimalist Design, House Design, Modern Minimalist House, Modern House Design

Madrona Minimalist House Design Idea

Reading Spaces

All the unnecessary snow that have come upon us in the East Coast reminded me of these photos from my file and how I would like to cuddle up with a good book in one of these fantastic reading spaces.

Apple Store Design In Paris France os luxury home

Apple is one of the toughest competitors in terms of Microsoft's computer operating system, product is the famous apple macbook, iphone and the latest OS is leopard machintos. Figure Design under the apple store product sales that were in Paris.

apple store in paris

The Apple Store

Apple store-interior view

Apple Store- products

Black Natural Minimalist House Design

Minimalist House Design, Minimalist Design, House Design, Modern Minimalist House, Modern House Design

Black Natural Minimalist House Design

Wooden Minimalist House Design Idea

Minimalist House Design, Minimalist Design, House Design, Modern Minimalist House, Modern House Design

Wooden Minimalist House Design Idea

A Peek Inside a Danish Home Design

One of the wonderful things about having a sister in Denmark is having her share with me some of her favorite shops. She was excited to see this shop featured in Skona Hem and sent it along to me. K & CO is a wonderful antique shop in Copenhagen. The owner's home was recently profiled in the magazine. Their home is a wonderful mix of industrial and Gustavian styles. Let's have a peek.
In the entryway a console table with marble top was given a new coat of Gustavian gray paint. The iron roof decoration is a beautiful focal point and the vintage shelf makes wonderful coat rack.
The living room is an interesting mix of hard industrial lines and soft linen upholstery. The antique pedestals, lamps and desk, add interest and soften the room. The vintage clock and antique shutters above the couch are charming.
Through out the home the couple adds unique accessories that add whimsy, texture and personality to the space. Above are rusty steeple finials that once sat on a church roof.
The kitchen is a wonderful mix of stainless steel appliances, Ikea cabinets and hand worn antiques. I love the Danish hanging cupboard filled with traditional blue willow plates. Also the Tolix chairs add a wonderful feeling to this space. The owners enhanced the chandelier with antique crystals.
Part of an ancient altar screen hangs on the opposite wall of the kitchen.
The dining area also has the Tolix chairs. I love the linen pillows as chair cushions. The chandelier gives the space a bit more formality and sparkle; and the mirrors bring your eye up and open up the room. Vintage candlesticks and fluted cast iron urn add a rustic contrast.
Finally the bedroom is serene in all white. The owners collection of vintage perfume bottles and female bust in Bronze become a uniquely personal vignette.
With such wonderful items available to them, they certainly have created a gorgeous home.
(all photos Skona Hem)

Minimalist House Design with Pool Exterior

Minimalist House Design, Minimalist Design, House Design, Modern Minimalist House, Modern House Design

Minimalist House Design with Pool Exterior

Our three happiest years

It feels like yesterday when I married my soulmate. What wonderful years these have been. Living with such a considerate and thoughtful man is really a gift or shall I say the answer to my prayers. Happy anniversary my love!!!

10 Cool Ideas For Pink Girls Bedrooms

Pink color is timeless theme for girls bedrooms. For many people it is a symbol of tenderness and youth. This color is associated with fairy-tale princess or Barbie and almost every girl dreams about a charming pink bedroom. Pink color could perfectly fit as traditional bedrooms with classical furniture and amazing curves as contemporary, more severe ones. Combining this color with others you could get a various awesome designs. For example white and pink furniture looks very beautiful but if you want more bright bedroom then you might more like a combination of pink and green colors. Below you could see very interesting ideas to create the best pink kids bedroom. There are different examples of girls rooms which would be liked by as young as adult girls among them.

Looking forward to Spring

To bike away in the City. I just hope I can pull it off like one of these three beautiful ladies above.

all pictures from Riding Pretty

Modern Living Room In Black

Stylish Living Room Design
Modern Interior Design, Living room , Home decoration, House Decor, Room Decor
Anora is a high-end home furniture store that offers a distinct collection of contemporary and modern furniture and accessories at very affordable and competitive prices. Anora provides a fresh blend of European design and Asian
luxury, a touch of modern chic and classic elements, a colorful fabric and pattern pallet designed to please the eyes and the senses.

Luxury Wooden Interior Decoration

The virtual world is a window into what human potential can truly accomplish. In the age where the world of wires and peripherals is helping us out in everything else, there is absolutely no reason why designers and individuals cannot take technologies help home decorator to perfection. The introduction of CAD (Computer Aided Design) has altered the way the art of designing is being approached. From top notch professionals to enthusiastic young amateurs, everyone has an equal shot at this unique feature.

Luxury Interior Design Ideas

Stunning décors
That is by far the biggest single advantage that designing in the virtual world has on offer. It is a million times easier than designing and drawing on paper. This ensures that you do not need to be trained in anything substantially to create decorating ideas and interior designs all b yourself. All you’ll need to know is how to use CAD. This makes the concept a very attractive option even for those who could never draw a straight line.
Convert thoughts into designs
Before virtual interior design came along, you either had to be damn good with measurements and sketches or should have been very-well trained to transfer a beautiful design that lingers in your mind onto paper. The problem with this was that customers and designers often ended up with different views of how the design would end up looking like. Now that problem is eliminated as every user can easily translate thoughts into solid designs with just the click of the mouse!

Luxury Interior Design

Eliminate potential errors
Most often we start thinking that our design is perfectly right, but we then need to face up to new and unforeseen challenges. Using the virtual prototypes, one can eliminate such errors or even keep them to an absolute bare minimum. You can erase, start again from the basics and re-do it with new ideas as many times as you want without spending a single dime. This might take time, but its way lot less than the hassle of having to put something in place, and then remove it and redesign.

Saves cash, time, labor and a whole lot more
This is pretty self-explanatory. If you know exactly what you are getting and can see on a screen what your home will finally look like, planning is a lot easier. You can try a million designs in the virtual world, stick to the one you love in the real world. Most importantly, this will give you a good night’s sleep as you will not be worried about ‘what it would look like’.

Import photographs, create customized options and even get cost estimates
You can import the photographs of your existing rooms, re-decorate the existing stuff the way you wish to experiment and check it out before actually asking your hubby to get off the couch and move everything. You can even create customized options and get cost estimations for re-decorating in case of sophisticated CAD applications. Just depends on what you need.

There is absolutely no doubt that virtual interior decorating has revamped the world of design and decoration. It has bridged the gap between ideas and reality offering you an easy way to design your own stuff. One little thing you need to be careful though is the way this can get really addictive Just like that new video game level that you just have to crack before you do anything else in life, this also entices you endlessly. Considering that there is never a finals solution, you are always looking for something better!

Elegant Home Decoration

traditional easyrise_bedroom Arched windows window treatments

arch window Arched windows Arched windows are a wonderful element to have in a home. They add elegance and sophistication to a room and exude old world charm. However, they also cause a huge problem. For many people it is impossible to find window treatments to fit these windows. They are at a loss as to what to do with these windows and the arch just ignored while the rest of the window is covered. The result is a disjointed look both from the inside and out. Here are some window treatment ideas for your arched windows.

Treat it like a
Normal window:

For a
wall of arched windows that you would like to cover with window treatments, hang a straight rod above the windows the length of the entire wall. Then hang curtain panels that cover the entirety of the windows and wall when the treatment is close. When open, it will reveal as much window as possible. Ideally, when the curtains are open, only the wall in between the windows should be covered with drapes.

Arched windows window treatments

For a single arch, hang a rod above it the window that is wider then the arched window. This way when the curtains are opened, you can reveal the beauty of the entire window.
Adapt regular curtains:
Regular pocket rod window treatments panels can be hung on a curved rod. You can find curved curtain rods or rods that you can shape in your local hardware store or by mail order. Once the curtain is hung, you will then need to cut the bottom straight across and re-hem it. You will want to purchase extra long panels for .sunny interior design traditional look

Hang tab top curtain panels from antique hooks installed around the arch of the window. Cut the bottom straight across and re-hem.

Custom shutters:

You can purchase wooden shutters with that includes a sunburst top that fills the arch attractively or custom shutters that curve at the top to fit the arch.

Install shutters or blinds across the window leaving the arch exposed. Then hang a decorative window scarf in the arched section. This is done by installing three hooks or drapery ornaments. Install one on each side, and the third one at the top center or off to one side depending on your personal preferences.
great arched window
Leave them bare:

Chances are you picked a home with arched windows because you thought they were beautiful. Unless privacy is an issue, why not leave them bare or at least nearly bare. You can add interest or coordinate them with your décor by hanging a simple swag treatment above them, or you can place a standing translucent floor screens in front of them to filter light.

To give the windows some extra interest when you do not want to cover the window, you can
add panels of fabric between or on either side of the windows hung from attractive hooks or window ornaments.

curved window slide doors
Create a curved window where you do not have one:

If you do not have an arched window, but want to give the impression that you do, you can create a straight top, arched window treatment by taking a regular window topper or cornice board and cutting an arched shape out of the bottom edge.
Elegant Home Interior Decoration

Generous curtains that co-ordinate with an upholstered screen add a touch of flamboyance to a dressing room, while a fluffy rug softens a wooden floor for extra comfort


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