My madness for Interior Design

On weekends my adorable husband normally takes care of Lucas in order for me to rest and recharge for a littler bit. This is how it goes, he tells me. This is every single weekend: "rest sweetie, rest, I'll take care of him today. You lay down" and I, with the truly honest necessity of a good sleep, stay in bed. Also with the honest intention of really sleep. Then I try, I close my eyes and all of a sudden there it is, or shall I say there they are. I start decorating or redecorating everyone's house that I know. A panoramic photograph above that red L shape sofa at Damary's house, a bright yellow couch at my mom's to replace that beige one. And from there I go to each room, each wall, each table, and so on and so on. When I am not dreaming awake I am hallucinating. I blink or close my eyes for a second and suddenly a vision of a perfectly decorated room links into my mind. "Oh I loved that room!" I think, so I close my eyes again to look at it, and of course, to take every detail of it and track it in my mind or in my scrapbook. And just like that my so... needed hours of sleep get wasted or replaced?
And then I feel so bad and had to get up to help with Lucas. My husband looks at me puzzled and asks me the same question all the time. "Why aren't you resting?" "I can't sleep" I reply. "But, lay down and at least rest your brain" He tells me. I look at him but I just don't know how to tell him that that's my problem "I CAN'T REST MY BRAIN" Interior Design is taking over my life and my "be in the moment" moments. I just don't know how to justify my "madness for design".

"Have a great weekend" until Monday.

Come on in Summer

I'm so eager to have sunshine and hot weather full time. I can't wait for summer to be here! It's easy to bring that perfect Summer season into our homes. By doing small affordable changes in our decor we can make it more harmonious with the season.
eams wire chair
Like covering your chair pillows in a soft color as in these Bertoia chairs on top left. Or maybe by just putting a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your dinning room.
kitchen decor idea
Displaying colorful fruits or putting colorful clothes in this beautiful kitchen makes the decor so much fresher and livelier. Don't you think?
home office
Or how about covering your chair in a flowery fabric for your home office?
barclay fryery
Switching your regular bed sheets for fun and colorful ones. As seen in this gorgeous perfectly springy room by Barclay Fryery.
the rug company
In this room by the Rug Company we can see many different ways to set the mood for the season. Such as a graphic rug, a bold colored upholstery sofa and a colorful lamp shade.
window shutters interior
And for those of you who can afford a bed like this. Please do so. It's one of the most beautiful beds. Ever. And if you live on an island or a warm weather city, get some shutters like these ones too, please.
pink decor
Everything in this room says Summer. The colors, the sheer curtains, the rattan furniture and the use of indoor plants.

Tropical Dresses: What to Wear to a Hawaiian Wedding

You've been invited to attend a Hawaiian wedding. Planning the travel arrangements for the trip is the easy part. The hard part is figuring out a special dress to wear to the ceremony. I have put together my top picks for what to wear to a Hawaiian wedding.

The first pick is this Hawaiian floral dress from Jones New York. It is simple and elegant, yet the splash of tropical color is stunning!
Strapless Print Long Dresses by Tibi
Another option is a tropical print maxi dress. Maxi dresses are the "it" dress right now and I love the way the empire waist allows it to flow down your body.
Tiki Dress - Green
My final choice is a tiki dress from Soft Surroundings. This tropical dress has a retro-inspired brown-and-white print on lush grass green, with a contrasting border print at the surplice neckline, empire waistband and hem.
Hopefully Is have given you some fun choices in tropical dresses to wear to a Hawaiian wedding.

Our Deck

deck decor idea
This is a part of our deck, where we have our coffee in the morning and our snacks in the afternoon. It's not finalized yet, and there are a few things that I still want to do with it, but I wanted to share with you this gorgeous Rododendron plant before it stops blooming. No complains though, we've been enjoying the glorious flowers for over two weeks now.
I also got two of these Angel Face climbing roses two weeks ago (below). When I got them they had two or three small bulbs and now they have about 10 gorgeous bulbs. They are ready to climb and we are so exited to see them go up the trellis.
Angel Face climbing rose
garden design idea1940's mirror, vintage mirror
On this wall I was planning to custom build a deep banquette. Deep enough so that my hubby, our small one and I can take long lazy weekend afternoon naps. Instead, we decided to splurge on this 1940's mirror and hang it above the couch to reflect the NYC view that we are so lucky to enjoy.
new york city view
Regardless of the size of our spaces we all can do something beautiful with it and enjoy these very short summer days with our loved ones.

A Wedding on the beach

I designed this wedding a few months ago. It took place at Aura, a very chic upscale beachside restaurant sheltered in a thatched-roof, overlooking the Caribbean sea in Juan Dolio, about 30 minutes outside of Santo Domingo. The couple, who are also friends of mine, decided to have an intimate celebration to enjoy with their closest family and friends. The wedding with all 32 guests started with a Baptist ceremony at 6:30 P.M when the sun was setting, followed with dinner and ending with dance after midnight. The amaretto and almond filling three layer cake was covered with real sea shells and sugar corals on a rattan tray.
table setting ideas
For the tables, we decided to keep it all in white to blend with the rest of the restaurant decor. The flower arrangements were made out of two kinds of flowers, Calla Lillies and Orienpet Lillies paired with big candle holders filled with sand, shells and candles.
beach wedding decor idea
destination wedding

Women's Tropical Plumeria Sandals

I love these women's tropical plumeria sandals by Born. This brand is also known to be comfortable, so you can wear theme everywhere on your vacation. Choose from 4 fabulous colors. Take $10 off your $50 order of save $20 off your $100 order at, plus get free shipping with coupon code: SPRING10. Ends May 31.

Beautiful bathroom

bathroom design, bathroom decor
I would take everything in this bathroom. The big mirror, the furniture piece converted into a vanity, the wicker baskets, the standing tub and the shutters... Oh those shutters give such a beautiful feeling to this bathroom.

Dog Surfer Shorts

If you love surfing, chances are your dog does too! Dress him in these cool dog surfer shorts. The are a Hawaiian print with an elastic waistband with adjustable velcro tab.


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