Tropical Wall Stickers

An easy wall to turn any wall space into a tropical getaway is by adding tropical wall stickers. These are perfect for rental homes, as they stick on the wall and can be easily removed by just pulling them off. They won't damage your wall. Visit The Hawaiian Home for more tropical wall stickers.

Have a very fun weekend

This weekend, I wish you...

Have long lazy summer afternoons.

Can go somewhere.

Spend time with that special one.

And that somehow you keep yourself cool.
I'll see you back here on Monday. I'll will share with you some pictures of a wedding I did a few months ago. Until then.

Surfboard Shaped Mirror

I love this surboard shaped mirror with Hawaiian print fabric inlay. To add even more Hawaiian style, it is finished with a bamboo frame. You can hang this on the wall, or have it standing. Choose from 14 different fabric. This would look awesome in a surfer style bedroom.
The Hawaiian Home has more surfer style mirrors.

La Cornue Chateau Range

The first time I saw one of these gorgeous ranges was at WS. I have to tell you that even when I had seen them often at Magazines and online, it was nothing compared to seeing one of these in person. My knees started shaking, my heart wanted to jump out through my mouth, and my eyes didn't belong to me anymore. Well, ok, ok I know. I'm exaggerating a little bit. But it was somehow true. To me La Cornue range is the Hermes Birking bag of ranges. It's made to order by hand and there is a wait of three months to get it. Each range is made of the best quality materials: steel, iron, cast, solid brass, nickel and enamel. La Cornue was founded in 1908 by Albert Dupuy. If I had an extra $35,000 sitting somewhere I would get one tomorrow or maybe one of its little sisters which are somehow more affordable? CornuFe and Albertine. In the US they are sold by Purcell-Murray and William Sonoma.

image from here.

Get a Free Sample of Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter

Here's another freebie today. Walmart is giving away free samples of Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter.
Click here for the details.

French Creole Architecture

creole architecture
714 gov. nicholls streetboutique hotel in new orleans
new orleansfrench creole architecture

I know this house is not in the Caribbean hence it doesn't apply to my Caribbean getaways. But I loved the tropical atmosphere so much that I couldn't hold myself from posting it and adding it to my list as well. French Creole Architecture is a combination of French and Caribbean style, especially designed for the hot, wet climate mostly found in the West Indies. Therefore the use of brick walls, wooden pillars, long and sometimes wide roofed porches or verandas that usually connect all the bedrooms. The bedrooms are located on the second floor with doors that open to the corridor. This French Creole architecture began with the French colonial period (1699-1762). Below is a description from the website of this gorgeous house.

"This exquisite 7 1/2 bedroom home is located in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, just one block from Bourbon Street. It features two magnificent double parlors, a Yamaha grand piano, delightfully lavish velvet sofas, and a beautiful formal dining room. Artful film posters and original art adorn the walls. Modern amenities, including wireless internet, satellite TV, and a home entertainment system, are blended with old world charm".

Free Download of Big Kahuna Reef Game for Your PC

Hurry on over to and get a free download of Big Kahuna Reef underwater adventure game! I'm not sure how long this will last.
Here is the description:
Go Hawaiian in this gorgeous underwater adventure! Discover Sea Turtles and other aquatic life as you break open boxes in this classic style matching game, questing for the Mask of the Tiki. Using the revolutionary Mouse Party, you can play with multiple players on the same computer through an almost infinite number of levels, thanks to the included level editor. As you play, you will uncover greater challenges including the Skeleton Fish of Kamehameha. Lead on Kahuna...your quest awaits.
Download it here.

Working out of the Kitchen

kitchen work area
kitchen with work erea
I've always been a big fan of functional kitchens. Especially those where work/study areas are incorporated. Everything happens in kitchens like these .

If I do not give credit to images it is because I don't remember where I found them. Sorry.

Dark furniture in bright rooms

Yes, it's possible, as we can see it in these rooms above, as long as you are willing to live with the splendor. And, who isn't?

A green and light pink wedding

Echoing this post, I thought it would be fun to create an imaginable wedding out of a room again. A wedding designed in these two colors, green and pink, would be to die for. Don't you think?

some of the top images from here and room from here.

I like this photo taken in Bali. The caption says it was originally the home of a master sculptor, and is now a private museum at the Alila Ubud Hotel. I intend to visit it on my next visit!

Soft Romanticism

I love how the ruffles in the top picture, the ornamentation in the bottom one, and the use of light give these two pictures a feeling of grandeur, magic and glamour.

bottom image from Cote de Texas.

Beautiful Vignettes

Tropical Quilts on Sale

The Company Stores now offers the Island Paradise Quilt on sale as well as other tropical quilts on sale! I love this quilt as it is full of bright colors and some of my favorite items that remind me of the beach. Palm trees, lush foliage, exotic flowers, sweet fruit, rare birds, surfing, pink flamingo, flips flops and more are all found on this fun quilt. You can find more tropical quilts on sale at The Hawaiian Home.
Island Paradise Quilt

I love this house

Lars Bolander
lats bolander interior
lars bolander antique
I love the Spanish colonial feel in this refreshing and nature inspired house, designed by Lars Bolander.



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