A Himalayan frequent flier, with more stamps on his passport than most people would ever dream of. Sophisticated. Distant. Apart. An obsessive sleeper, between you and I, a passive snorer. He doesn't belong to me, no. He belongs to my in-laws, but, oh if he only let me hold him... He wishes you a GREAT WEEKEND.

Fun Tropical Quilts

Need to decorate your vacation home? Let's see perhaps you could decorate with one of these fun tropical quilts. The hardest part is deciding which one you love the most. Will it be whispering palm trees, a busy school of fish, pink flamingos, or your own bare feet in flowery flip flops?
If you need more choices, visit The Hawaiian Home for more fun tropical quilts.

Summer Fun Quilts

Caneel Bay, St. John

Lately I feel the need to go somewhere beachy and enjoy the sun, the sand, the relaxing atmosphere, and of course a good glass of fruity martini. For now I am just content with looking at the places I'd like to be, like the beautiful Caneel Bay in St. John.
canal bay hotelboutique hotel

domino Book Giveaway

domino, The Book of Decorating is the result of the very and still mourning magazine's philosophy; Making living with style more approachable to those who love living beautiful within a budget. Anything I say wouldn't be enough to describe my disappointment when I found out that one of my favorite magazines was closing. Lucky for many and me they left behind a fantastic book with all of their greatest rooms ever featured. I personally got it a while ago and I have to tell you that this is one of the best decorating books I've had. It doesn't only show you the rooms and, credit the designers; it also explains how to decorate your home and which pieces to select depending on the look you are going for. Because I love this book so much I was so happy when the generous people at Simon & Schuster decided to giveaway two copies to two fortunate Belle Vivir readers. The winner will be selected on April 10th, Friday. To enter, all you have to do is e-mail me at describing how you would decorate a room using the gorgeous green Chinoiserie wallpaper on the book cover. The two entries with the most original use of the wallpaper will win. Good Luck!

Books to view

  • Architecture Bali : architectures of welcome / Philip Goad, Patrick Bingham-Hall.
    Published: Balmain, N.S.W. : Pesaro Publishing, 2000

  • Bali houses : new wave Asian architecture and design / Gianni Francione ; photos by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni.
    Published: Singapore : Periplus, c2002

  • Architecture of Bali : a sourcebook of traditional and modern forms / Made Wijaya. Published: London : Thames & Hudson, 2003.

  • Tropical houses / project co-ordination and texts by Cynthia Reschke. Published: Düsseldorf ; London : Te Neues, 2003

  • Introduction to Balinese architecture / text by Julian Davison ; illustrations by Bruce Granquist, Mubinas Hanafi and Nengah Enu ; photographs by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni.
    Published: Singapore : Periplus, c2003

  • Tropical modern / Raul A. Barreneche. Published: London : Thames & Hudson, 2003

  • Tropical style : contemporary dream houses in Malaysia / by Gillian Beal ; photography by Jacob Termansen and Pia Marie Molbech. Published: Singapore : Periplus, c2003

  • Living in Bali / text, Anita Lococo ; photos, Reto Guntil ; edited by Angelika Taschen.
    Published: Koln : Taschen, c2005.

  • Gathering places : Balinese architecture-- a spiritual & spatial orientation / Barbara Walker, Jay Graham.
    Published: Singapore : Times Editions/Marshall Cavendish, c2005

  • 25 Tropical houses in the Philippines / by Elizabeth V. Reyes ; photography by Chester Ong. Published: Singapore : Periplus c2005

  • Troppo : architecture for the top end / [by Philip Goad; photographer Patrick Bingham-Hall].Edition: 2nd ed. Published: Balmain, N.S.W. : Pesaro Publishing, 2005

  • Tropical architecture : sustainable and humane building in Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia / Wolfgang Lauber ; with contributions by Peter Cheret, Klaus Ferstl and Eckhart Ribbeck. Published: Munich ; London : Prestel, 2005

  • 25 tropical houses in Indonesia / Amir Sidharta, Amanda Eberhardt & Masano Kawana. Published: Singapore : Periplus ; Enfield : Publishers Group Worldwide [distributor], 2006

  • Bawa and beyond : reading Sri Lanka's tropical modern architecture / Tariq Jazeel. Published: Colombo : International Centre for Ethnic Studies, 2006.

  • Sri Lanka style : tropical design and architecture / Channa Daswatte ; photographs by Dominic Sansoni. Published: Singapore : Periplus, c2006.

  • Tropical minimal / Danielle Miller & Richard Powers. Published: London : Thames and Hudson Australia, 2006.

  • Tropical sustainable architecture : social and environmental dimensions / [edited by] Joo-Hwa Bay and Boon Lay Ong. Published: Oxford : Architectural Press, c2006.

  • Modern tropical garden design / Made Wijaya.
    Published: London : Thames & Hudson, 2007

  • Plusminus 20⁰/40⁰ latitude : sustainable building design in tropical and subtropical regions / Dirk U. Hindrichs, Klaus Daniels (eds.) ; with contributions by Sonja Berthold ... [et al.]. Published: Stuttgart ; London : Edition A. Menges, c2007

  • Tropical design. Published: Koln : Daab, c2007

  • Modern ethno interiors / [editor and texts, Marta Serrats]. Published: Cologne : Daab, c2008.

  • Ultimate tropical / Luca Invernizzi Tettoni. Published: London : Thames & Hudson, 2008.

  • Paradise by design : tropical resorts and residences/Bensley Design Studios
    Published: Singapore : Periplus Editions, 2008

  • Living in Bahia / photos Tuca reines ; test Monica Lima ; edited by Angelika Taschen. Lima, MonicaReines, TucaKoln ; Published: Los Angeles : Taschen, c2008

A school project

Cassandra's post last week reminded me of these drawings I made last year for a school final project. We, the students, were provided with an empty space with specific square footage to design our dream office. That was a very fun and interesting project. For my dream office the two most important elements, style and comfort, had to go hand in hand. I decided to divide the space in four sections: my office, a conference room, the secretary/library room and the reception. Below is what would be my office. I picked the Herman Miller executive chair, my all time favorite, because I can't think of any other chair that is as stylish and as comfortable at the same time.

click on the pictures to take a better look.

The drawing below is an elevation of the desk wall. Wood paneling cover the ceilings, wood beams below the paneling with recess lighting, a simple roman shade on the window, a comfortable couch with a side table for me to read or chat with clients, two chairs for meetings with clients.

Below is another wall of the office with bookshelves up to the top of the windows (this is a 20 foot ceiling structure) with a ladder, sconces, basket to keep swatches of fabric, drawers and closet with doors to hide what I wouldn't like to be seen.

Below is the selection of furniture. Some of them from 1stdibs and DWR. P.S these pictures were taken at night so they are not perfect.

Treasures from overseas

My in-laws are visiting from Turkey and they brought with them really interesting presents. My favorites are these pair of Miniatures which I love. Turkish miniatures were originated in Central Asia, Turkish homeland. It is a very elaborate and detailed art and it could take up to 6 months for an artist to complete. They were purchased at this store in Istanbul.

They also bought these cute beads that they purchased at the Grand Bazaar and I had so much fun making these decorative hanging pieces. I think they will look good placed on a table or hung on a wall.

Men's Tropical Hibiscus Camp Shirt

One of my favorite things about Spring is that now we can start wearing all of our tropical clothing. Retailers have replenished their stock of men's tropical shirts and here is one that I love:
men's tropical hibiscus camp shirt
I have added more tropical clothing to The Hawaiian Home.


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