Tropical Art for Kids

Need a piece of unique tropical art for kids? This piece called "Tropical Treasures" would look great in a tropical bedroom. This Oopsy Daisy, Art for Kids piece is a top quality canvas reproduction using the Giclée method in which images are produced one at a time. Since no screens are used in the Giclée method, these prints produce deep, saturated colors and excellent detail, making the piece look like an original painting. Each canvas is wrapped in a 1.5 inch wooden bar so no frame is needed.
Visit The Hawaiian Home for more tropical art.

Get away this weekend

Mentally or physically, we all feel the need to get away sometimes. These images remind us that regardless of the reasons to get lost, to never sacrifice style. Have a great weekend.

Pictures by Corrie Bond.

Women's Tropical Print Shirt

I stumbled across this gorgeous women's tropical print shirt and love the bright orange color. The kimono shape is a universally flattering shape for most women. Wear in now or later on in the Summer.


Bohemian Decor

For the romantic ones there is green, white, pink and tiny pieces of gray.
You either love it or love it.

For the highly energetic ones. Red, black, white and wood. You either love it or hate it.

top left picture from magazine, top right Annekaisafaber. left bottom pict. Jason Loucas right bottom from Annekaisafaber.

Bertoia does Barstools: Taking a Brief Look at the Origins of Modern Furniture Design

Much of what today is labeled as “modern” furniture is actually based on design and permutations of past designers. The idea of putting form, function, and materials over decorations has its root in Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus movement in the early part of the 20th Century. But these ideas never really took form until the postwar period, when a group of likeminded artists came up with the concept of mass-producing these ideas, and modern design as we know it today was born.

This type of “retro” modern furniture is still widely available today in the collections of such design firms as Herman Miller and Knoll. The latter company in fact originally sold and still features today the famous Bertoia Stool Collection, originally created in 1950 by Harry Bertoia, the renowned Italian-American sculptor who was also one of the progenitors of modern design.

Bertoia’s seminal bar stool set provides an excellent example of emphasizing material and space. While he was skilled at all forms of sculpting, Bertoia’s greatest talent was in bending and forming industrial wire rods into functional designs. This is an art form that works particularly well with bar stools, and in Bertoia’s hands the effect creates an elongated, yet fluid shape.

But overall the idea behind these stools is more about the surroundings than of the furniture itself. As Bertoia once said, they should appear as if “they are mainly made of air, like a sculpture. Space passes right through them.” The idea is that the furniture is being created to compliment the environment rather than define it and that material and shape are the sole components of the design. This is why Bertoia’s bar stools are devoid of any ornamentation or curves, because this was seen as something that takes away form its surroundings by putting undue focus on the furniture. This is a concept that, although labeled “modern”, has a timeless appeal, one that still persists decades after its creation.


Cactus bookcase by Compar

Cactus bookcase by Compar Cactus bookcase by Compar2 Cactus bookcase by Compar3

The Fisso Table by Doimo Idea

The Fisso Table by Doimo Idea The Fisso Table by Doimo Idea The Fisso Table by Doimo Idea

checkered floor

I'm a big fan of checkered floors. They can transform any interior into a timeless classic beauty.

Kate Spade's kitchen

Hand Carved House

Hand Carved HouseHand Carved House Hand Carved HouseHand Carved House

Louise Rastall

Lately I've been leaning towards more organic looking interiors. With lots of white fabrics, lace, wood, glass and embroidery. I love the simplicity, cleanliness and relaxed tone of these interiors.

Images by Louise Rastall.


All women want or have ever wanted one. Some are lucky enough to reserve an entire room for it, called the dressing or make up room. Regardless of the space you have, either one of these options would look absolutely fabulous. And I am sure that we all look gorgeous in one of these fantastic spaces. Below are a few examples of how to replicate these rooms.

The glamorous room at the top was decorated by Medeline Weinrib. You can get a similar look by using this mirrored vanity from Venfield, a colorful stool, white mirror and some white and blue porcelain and lamp.

This very eclectic room above is from Living etc. Below are a few choices to get this look. The desk/console is from WS, mirror from Ikea, a contrasting chair and chrome lamp.

This room above is from our sadly gone domino Magazine. I love how young and fresh this room is and below is a very good interpretation of it. A classic vanity, skirted stool, a garden stool, a colorful carpet to add some color and a few vanity accessories.

I just love this room designed by Charlotte Moss.

Country Living

When making my usual Sunday trip to my local Super Market I was standing on line when I decided to flip trough Country Living Magazine and oh oh!! that was not a good idea. As if I need another one of these sitting on my cocktail table. I mean if only the days were longer so I can keep up with them. "I didn't know Magazines could talk, it ordered me to buy it" I told my husband who doesn't understand my passion for them. This Spring issue made my Sunday night happier and longer. It reminded me of this post from last year. I mean seriously, look at this Greenhouse. It's glam, chic, flowery which is perfect for spring, and that beautiful wood construction is great.

Wouldn't you, like me, wish to cuddle in this daybed while sipping some coffee or tea in one of these gorgeous tea cups below?

You probably have seen this stone paperweight by Margaret Oomen around the blogsphere but I love this version so much when I saw it that I couldn't help posting it. Margaret wraps smooth sea stones in scraps of fabric and then embellishes them with embroidery and crochet. Now that's creative.

When I thought I had seen enough for my head to blow up I turned one more page and there was something even more beautiful. Really beauuutifull. Tamar Mogendorff's work always inspires me. These birdhouses are covered in fabric by designers such as Amy Butler, Jane Churchill, Manuel Canovas, and others.


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