Tiki Tissue Box

This is a bit gross and a bit humorous. Check out this tiki tissue box with tissues coming out the nose. If you have a great sense of humor, then this is for you. I think my pre-teen would love it!
Tiki Tissue Box

Have a lovely weekend

And turn to the person next to you and let him/her know how much he/she is loved. image from le love

XOXO Julie

Hawaiian Scrapbooking Supplies

I love to scrapbook about our tropical vacations and think there's some amazing Hawaiian scrapbooking supplies. Here are some Hawaiian scrapbook accents that I love:

Sun Protection Clothing for Kids

If you are getting ready to head out to the beach for Spring Break, don't forget the kids sun protection clothing. Sunburns can ruin the whole trip!

Pale Green

Simplicity can be beautiful. This house is an example of it. The pale green mixed with the vintage accessories are just to die for.
green decor
green design
kitchen, vintage decor

Top three images are from Coastal Living. The last one from this fantastic blog.

Past meets Present

I get enchanted every time I see designers who are capable of mixing many centuries and styles together. This fantastic antique architecture house serves as a canvas to display this Intelligent Eclecticism.

I absolutely love the blue sofa and the glamorous touch that it adds to this room. The use of French sculpture from XIX c. sitting pretty on a modern stand and a modern paintin as a background make this room a very good representation of what I call intelligent eclecticism.

The use of modern painting and mid-century lamps keeps the gorgeous ornamental molding in this antique architecture fresh and light.

Images from Nuevo Estilo. Aren't those floors gorgeous?


Though trunks are probably not essential elements in a room, they can add so much identity and character. I love to see them displayed as part of the decor. As in these two images below, they add a vintage-voyage kind of look.

These ones above are antique-inspired reproduction streamer trunks. Handmade of vintage cigar leather or brushed steel. From the new collection of RH.

These last ones are also from a new collection of PB.

top images from NIBS.

Hawaiian Pet Bed

Your pet will love sleeping on a hawaiian pet bed complete with a design of wafting palm trees, colorful exotic flowers, swirling sea tides, and sandy isles. It comes with a plastic carrying case for easy transport.

Robin Stubbert

When I came across Robin Stubbert portfolio, I was so overwhelmed by so many gorgeous photos that it was a difficult task to choose only a few to post. I wanted to post each and every one of them. The attention to detail is amazing and the interiors are absolutely delightful. I love to come across photographers websites because they are such inspirational sources.

robin stubbert photographrobin stubbertinterior photograph

robin <span class=

robin stubbert photograph

robin stubbert

I especially love the equestrian style in this photo.

The Big Jar Series by Elizabeth Lyons

The Big Jar Series by Elizabeth Lyons The Big Jar Series by Elizabeth LyonsThe Big Jar Series by Elizabeth LyonsThe Big Jar Series by Elizabeth Lyons

Traces of a dream by Carolyn Quartermaine

These images may not be new to you. The stunning and glamorous work of Carolyne Quatermaine is well known among designers and style makers. Carolyne is a also a well known International artist and Designer whose work has been published in numerous International magazines. Every time I see her work and fabric creations I delight myself because it emanates an era of grandeur and splendor but in an up-to-date style. These images below are from one of her current projects called Traces of a dream. To see more of her latest beautiful projects click here. Click on the pictures to have a closer look.
carolyn quartermaine,fabic,traces of a drea
carolyn quartermaine,fabric,marie antoinette, louis v


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