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Lately I find myself drawn to Dark environments. The coziness, the warmness, the elegance that usually are reflected through dark rooms are so enchanting to me. They make me want to re-do my entire house again and paint the walls in a very dark rich blue or stone night color, add some paneling, hang some thick curtains and get a serious fancy velvety couch. But it's not that easy. You see, I think that in order to accomplish the coziness mood that these dark environments read, you need more of a closed room. A room not too open, not too modern and with not too much natural light bouncing everywhere, would have the perfect condition to frame this style.
Oh yes, I think I'm in love and no, this is not a crush. Instead, is a love at first sight and I think it may last a very, very long time.

Picture above found through Purple Area

The two pictures above are from McAlpine, Brooth, and Ferrier Interiors.

The two previous pictures are from Tom Scheerer.
This last photo is a creation of Tod Alexander Romano.

Valentine gift suggestion

If you are thinking about sending flowers to few of your friends for Valentines, why not consider sending them in a way they will for sure want to keep for ever? These gorgeous art prints on enhanced matte paper and satin finish greeting cards of original watercolor paintings are made by the fantastic Graphic Designer Clovia Ng. I find them to be the best way to send flowers. See more of Clovia's beautiful selection here.

Javier Munoz

Javier Munoz is an Interior Designer based in Madrid but his experience is worldwide. He started his professional career with David Hicks in London. In his very ample design curriculum, he has done everything, hotels, residences, yachts, you name it. I love how he mixes traditional pieces with modern ones, one of my favorite things.

Jane Churchill

Is a London based Interior Designer whose style is classic yet somehow fun. Her interiors are absolutely gorgeous. Lovely.

Silk Tropical Flower Arrangement

Enjoy the brilliant "jewels" of paradise every day with this lush arrangement of fabric anthurium and calla lilies and straw raffia accents. Purchase this silk tropical flower arrangement at Midnight Velvet. $39.95


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