Dancing for a better reason

Yesterday around 3:30 I was sitting on my couch enjoying a cup of Jasmine Tea when I looked up and saw this plane flying unusually and dangerously low. Right at my eye level! Quickly I stood up and ran to the balcony door too take a closer look to what seemed like a tragic accident about to happen. At that moment the plane started taking altitude and I, as the very positive person that I am said to myself "Oh, it's apparently OK...that was weird" and then walked away and went back to the sofa to keep enjoying my moment. A few minutes later that phone call from that person who always keeps you posted about everything happening came. In this case, it was my mom. "Julie, a plane went down in the Hudson River" "oh my god I saw it flying low right in front of me" I replied to her. I immediately turned on the news, then walked to my balcony again to start watching the extraordinary rescue of those passengers. I had in front of me one more reason to love this country. So prepared, so quick and responsive. At that point it was not known whether all the passengers were alive and intact so I told my three months old son "no dancing in this house today my baby." I've been dancing for a couple of weeks now to lose the after birth weight. Little did I know that yesterday I was going to have the perfect reason to dance faster and harder than ever. What's a better reason than witnessing a miracle? And so I decided that I was going to dance no to burn the calories needed but instead to thank GOD for all those passengers and their families. And also to pray for a pilot as experienced, calm and collected as Chesley B. Sullenberger III, to steer the plane the next time I take a flight.

Moss carpet by Nguyen La Chanh

Moss carpet by Nguyen La Chanh.jpg

Moss carpet by Nguyen La Chanh3.jpg

Three Garbages in One Garbage

Three Garbages in One Garbage.jpg

Three Garbages in One Garbage4.jpg

Three Garbages in One Garbage6.jpg

Caleido Radiators

Caleido Radiators.jpg

Spaghetti String Chair

Spaghetti String Chair.jpg

Handmade, modern wall clocks by Keith Moore

Handmade, modern wall clocks by Keith Moore.jpg

Crib Bedding

Crib Bedding.jpg

Concealed Hideaway Bed Perfect for Small Spaces

Recycled Glass Terrarium

Recycled Glass Terrarium.jpg

Cricut Tropical Cartridge - An Ocean of Words

If you don't have a cricut machine yet, you may want one. It is my favorite scrapbooking tool! The Ocean of Words Cricut cartridge has great shapes such as a surfboard, fish, sandcastle, waves, turtle, palm trees, sunglasses, sandbucket and more. This is especially great for teachers as their common letters and sounds on the fish can be combined to form words, helping early readers to read. You will enjoy Ocean of Words cartridge to help with you tropical scrapbooking. Visit The Hawaiian Home for more tropical scrapbooking supplies.

Palm Tree Bedding

I love this look of this palm tree bedding collection called the Kona bedding collection available from Target online. The bold palm tree print would look great in a Hawaiian style home. They also carry matching accessories.

For more palm tree bedding sets, visit The Hawaiian Home.

Grow Your Own Palm Tree

Wouldn't you love to be able to grow your own palm tree? Well, now you can. I know I sound like an infomercial. Sprout your date palm tree in the included biodegradable organic pot and as it gets larger, you can transfer it outdoors. Everything you need to cultivate and care for a new tree is included: seeds, germination mixture, a plant stake, and the biodegradable coconut coir pot. Date Palm trees can grow up to 80 feet tall and as "Feather Palms," they display uniquely narrow leaflets. After some time, your tree may even produce edible fruit. Purchase this grow your own palm tree kit from (search for item A60118). $9.95

What Can You Make From Seashells?

What can you make from seashells? The book "Design Originals Seashells from the Seashore Book" shows you fun things you can make. Gather those beautiful seashells you have been saving and start creating wonderful treasures for your home! This book is filled with fast and fun projects kids of all ages will love. First you'll start off with the basic instructions, techniques and tips. There are full color photos of shells so you'll learn their names and shapes. Projects include Shell Dolls and Angels, a Wreath, a Birdhouse, Decorative Initials, Picture Frames, Decorative Flower Pots, Candle Decorations and more! Plus you'll find a special section just for kids.
Purchase "Design Originals Seashells from the Seashore Book" from CreateForLess (item 13062080) on clearance for only $2.19.


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