Hawaii Airfare Special

I just got wind of a special airfare deal to Hawaii. As we all know the airlines have recently raised prices, so it may be harder to get a good deal to Hawaii. Here's a deal to save you a bit of money. It's not the best, but I'm afraid the low, low fares may be a thing of the past.
Hawaii Flight Deals: Round-Trip Flights From $777 With United Airlines > Expires 7/14/08

David Hertz - Studio EA - Floating Residence

David Hertz - Studio EA

Floating Residence

Suspended Tetris - David Hertz has produced a number of fantastic residences and the Floating or Binder Residence in Venice, CA is no exception. It's paired back black minimalist play on volumes and floating separated masses intrigues.

The project is located on a small, 37 foot wide lot on a pedestrian only street in Venice, CA. Rather than create one solid object, David followed his residential design signature of two, two story units. The upper levels of the units seeming to float above minimal tilt up concrete walls and pillars of the lower levels. The two upper levels being attached by an open-air bridge. The larger of the structures is used as a residence while the other is used as an art studio and guest room over a garage.

The glazed panels, central to the floating effect are also large, sliding doors that conceal themselves so that the ground floor appears to be open to the exterior courtyards, thus blurring the definition of interior and exterior spaces. A large 2-story chimney wall frames the rear of the courtyard while blocking the overlooking 2-story neighbours. The exterior fireplace at the second floor flanks an outdoor sleeping porch and seating area off of the perforated breezeway bridge. Ipe, and black steel are used throughout the house to complement the Syndecrete® prefabricated concrete panels.

Walls on the first floor are intentionally held from touching the ceiling of the second floor to allow for a clear line of site over neighbouring residences and giving the illusion that the second story is floating above the first floor. These clerestory windows also bathe the lower level in light. The mass of the second floor elevations is divided into sections of positive and negative spaces that reinforce the destabilisation of the wall plane. Some of the vertical slices are specific to selective views of nearby palm trees.

A central floating stair divides the spaces and leads to a usable roof deck framed by high solid parapet walls providing privacy and strategically edited views of the distant landscape.

A continuous skylight, that opens to serve as a shaft to facilitate stack effect ventilation, frames the stairs that float from the ceiling of the second story. The exterior walls of the second story are covered in a smooth, steel trowel, integrally pigmented, stucco. These are connected seamlessly to the interior ceiling of the first floor, their continuation internally to form one single mass, further emphasises the weight of the "floating" block above.



via: Many thanks to Christina at Studio EA

Tropical Futon

This is an upscale tropical futon, but looks more like a regular sofa. It is made from a solid wood frame with rich java finish. Woven sea grass panels give it a nice tropical style. Comes with a heavy-duty innerspring mattress and 2 matching welted pillows.
This tropical futon can be purchased from Sofas Galore (item number BTF065) $699.98

Tiki Themed Wii Game

There is a new Nintendo Wii game called Boom Blox created by Steven Spielburg that features the main character going through five different “worlds,” including one that has a tiki theme. How cool is that? Tackle the action and interact with entertaining characters such as the Blox-laying chickens or the baseball throwing monkeys, who bring personality to the Tiki, Medieval, Frontier, and Haunted themed environments. Unlock characters, worlds, blox, and props throughout the game and use to build whatever you can imagine in Create Mode. You can virtually build anything you can dream up. Remix any level and share what you create with friends via WiiConnect24.

Hawaiian News: Lava Fountain Bursting from Lava Flow

My husband loves volcanos and just sent me a news article about a beautiful lava fountain bursting into the air from Kilauea Volcano. This is a rare occurance. The news video is fascinating. Click here to see the story.

Wyland Artwork

Anyway who's been to Hawaii knows the popularity of the Wyland Galleries. They feature some of the most beautiful paintings of Hawaiian sealife. I love this limited edition
Wyland "Lovin' the Sea" Lithograph
that comes in a luxurious frame and includes a full-length paperback book about conserving the ocean written by the artist. In addition, you'll receive a collector's edition "Vibrant Reef" print, which is available only to collectors who purchase Wyland art. $799.95
Wyland "Lovin' the Sea" Limited Edition Lithograph


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