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flower knot, chinese knotting
Learn how to make this Flower knot and many others here.

Ana Ventura

ana venturabookmarks, marcadores de livros
ana venturadecorative tape
Make your children more interested in reading with these absolutely cute Marcadores de Livros by Ana Ventura, unfortunately they are all sold out, but there will be more available soon. Oh… and don’t you love this Fita Cola Impresa?

Toile de Jouy Tiles

toile de jouy tiles, ugly home
toile de jouy tiles, ugly home
Visiting Ugly Home today I found out they have a new and renovated website, which looks really cool. I also found these really unique Toile de Jouy tiles along with many others in different colors and designs. Visit Ugly Home to see them and make sure to also check their new wall paper selection.

Arthur Casas - House in Iporanga

Arthur Casas

House in Iporanga

Thanks to Arthur, Kelen and the team at Arthur Casas, I’ve received an early Christmas present to share with you all. The Immaculate “House in Iporanga” and a new addition to tags, Architect’s Own Houses.

“I always wanted a house in the middle of the forest, in a place where I could relax and recharge my energy”, says Arthur.

In the form of two large symmetrical cubes embracing an open space, this house was idealised as his dream house. Arthur’s aim was interiors in total synergy with exteriors. Bringing the outside in are 11 meter floor to ceiling glass windows, on both ends of the open central space. Cumaru wood paneling runs from top to bottom in an attempt to match and blend in with is beautiful surroundings “…as if this were ever 100% possible” admits Arthur.

As the Cumaru extends into the house, sterile white stucco contrasts, highlighting the wood’s warm color. This simple brown and white palette provides a nice canvas for interesting/artistic furnishings. Sleek, utilitarian and functional the kitchen table extends from the hob like a white diving board into the main living area. It’s mimicked by an outdoor table linked to the BBQ on the shaded side of the deck. Back inside, the seating area is centralised to be shaded from the summer sun, shining in through the east and west doors of this huge breeze space. You may note the lack of paintings and no flat screen on the white walls, the surround flora and fauna more than make up for this.

“The Atlantic forest is in my opinion comes before the sea, the beaches, the bikinis, football and carnival, it’s the great Brazilian landscape!” comments Arthur.

Contrasting with the thick chaotic nature of the forest the house is simple, symmetrical, and easy to take in. The absence of partitions amplifies the house’s integration with its surroundings and adds grandeur to the minimalist living area. A large terrace borders the house, functioning as a belvedere to observe the surrounding untouched Atlantic Rain Forest, and a partition between natural and constructed. Stepping down, the infinity edged pool seems to pour out into the thick vegetation.

Private rooms are tucked into the surrounding cubes. Upstairs is accessed by floating thin Cumaru sleepers that lead to an ultra thin profile catwalk. To the left: a guest bedroom and private living room. To the right: the master with en suite. Downstairs are the kitchen and maids quarters to the left, guest bedroom and office to the right. The office features two huge picture windows east and south, Distracting? Perhaps more of an inspiration on the days Arthur works from home.

Architect: Arthur Casas
Protect Completed: 2005
Location: Iporanga, SP, Brazil
Material: Concrete and Cumaru


Ghost Furniture

ghost furnitureghost furniture
Love each of the pieces at Ghost Furniture by Di Overton and Harvey Roll. Di is the famous face behind the always up-today Blog Designers Block. In this incredible collection I especially love the rich paintings they select for their unique flea market finds. I feel like eating those fruits. Don’t you? This is definitely my favorite way to go eco-chic.

Trina Turk

trina turk dressestrina turk dresses, 2008 collectiontrina turk spring dresses
Dreaming of Spring in the middle of the winter. Ah... don't these outfits look gorgeous like these ones posted here last year? See Trina Turk's 2008 collection here.

All that glitter

kelly wearstle design
gold, glitter, kelly wearstler
Gold is one of my favorite colors when it comes to accessories. It represents glamor better than any other color. Kelly Wearstler, one of my favorite designers, is perhaps the one who uses it best. The top picture shows the Roller Suite designed by Kelly Wearstler in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Below are a few cool gold accessories that I find represent glamor perfectly. Clockwise, silk chiffon dress, Jessica McClintock clutch, cocktail plate stand, artichoke flower shaker, Betsey Johnson necklace, solid gold pen set, Kaleidoscope and alma fortune cup and saucer.

Sea Grass/Grasscloth Wallpaper

natural textured wallpaper
seagrass grasscloth wallpaper rooms, wallpapered rooms
Naturally textured wallpaper such as Sea Grass or Grass Cloth, made from plant fibers can add glamor, texture and warmth to a space. It’s also a perfect way to hide those tedious wall imperfections. The fact that there is no pattern to be matched makes installation so much easier. I personally love it in a tropical environment (top second picture). Hang some photos or art and you’ll have a very cozy, warm space (top 1st picture). Below are a few more pictures showing different ways in which natural textured wallpaper can be used.
grasscloth, seagrass wallpaper roomsmark lund photographer, lund photo
Jamie Drake, drake design associates, drake designjeffrey p elliott design
Images clockwise from top left: a flickr picture, Mark Lund, Jamie Drake and Jeffrey P. Elliott.
Below are some Natural Texture Wallpaper resources.
Urban Living
Osborne and Little
American Blinds
Paper my walls

Felipe Assadi & Francisca Pulido - Casa Guthrie

Felipe Assadi & Francisca Pulido

Casa Guthrie

Plataforma Arquitectura have featured yet another great Chilean design. Described as a "facade-less" house, the property levels off a hillside and takes full advantage of the views. A neat first home for young Chilean families.

Article by: David Basulto [tricky]
Architects: Felipe Assadi y Francisca Pulido -
Protect initiated: 2005
Completed: 2007
Location: Chicureo, Santiago, Chile
Plot size: 840 m2
House area: 140 m2
Material: Concrete
Photographs:Guy Wenborne

Commissioned by a real estate company, this project's aim was to design a house that they could replicate easily on a hillside with an average slope of 25%. The costs had to remain within reach of the average young family and be no greater than 140 m2.

On the other hand, this assignment emphasised the impact that these houses should have within the body of projects that that were on offer. It was requested, specifically, to create a house that could be sold quickly, therefore, appealing to the masses and whose "facade" was easily accepted by the target audience.


But the envisaged plot for the house is a natural lookout towards Chicureo Valley, an area on the outskirts of the city of Santiago with a growing real estate development of a very mediocre quality, in which the "condominium" of repeatable houses is expected to eventually swallow up all the green areas. New neighborhoods with architectural imports of all kinds are appearing here. Where the 'style' seems to be the only selling point of the houses on offer.

Our proposal, by contrast, was the total opposite to facadism, an absolute disassociation with the concept developer of the "beautiful house" whose image could decorate a lifestyle magazine (Perhaps like Country Life? NICK). It was a house without a facade, a construction that was developed from street level down, rescuing the natural "lookout" to the valley that the site provided. The Casa Guthrie, therefore, is not only the answer to a housing problem on a sloping site, but a reflective criticism of the systematic developer, whose ultimate goal is to sell houses "of good taste" that are "reasonably priced" by "Good architects." In other words, sell fashion.


437273178_fa503.jpg 1401298142_fa504.jpg 981930526_fa501.jpg 180237874_fa502.jpg 1045573152_fa404a.jpg 136182549_fa405a.jpg 2085491971_fa406a.jpg 1022322991_fa407a.jpg 103223982_fa408a.jpg 1394014594_fa401a.jpg 1794195734_fa402a.jpg 633967816_fa403a.jpg

Floor Plans

585254982_planta_techos.jpg 1335051765_planta_gral.jpg 1953064035_cortes_elev_1.jpg 1326491730_cortes_elev_2.jpg 1991785661_elevacion_frontal.jpg

via: Plataforma Arquitectura


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