Corded Phones-Retro Phones

With small changes in our homes we can make a dent on Global Warming. Cordless phones consume electricity every second meanwhile corded phones operate on a little bit of energy through the phone line.
Here are a few cool suggestions.
corded phones
Image above from Retro Wow in UK.
solutions for global warmingretro corded phones

Rock House Hotel, Jamaica

rock house hotel
rock house hotel, jamaicarock house hotel in jamaica
jamaica, rock house hoteljamaica hotel
Rock House is one of the best Hotels in Jamaica. "Jamaica's Rock House hotel is the ultimate exotic escape. With brilliant sunsets, chic d├ęcor and credo of brotherhood and goodwill, it's the total package." Gourmet Traveller.

Andrea Bocelli

My mom and I went to see Andrea Bocelli on Friday and I am still in high spirits after listening to his magical, angelical voice. As Celine Dion put it once “if God had a voice it would sound like Andrea’s”

Mark Lund Photography

Mark Lund in NYCMark Lund
Mark Lund PhotographyMark Lund Photos
Mark Lund photography
Mark Lund is a photographer located in Tribeca, New York City who has an extended number of clients. Click here to see more of his fabulous work.


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