Gallahan Catering

Gallahan CateringGallahan Catering

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.
Albert Schweitzer.
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Pictures from Callahan Catering.


For those of you who like the 80’s look. It seems to be coming back slowly. Thibaut is a great source for flowery wallpapers.

Daniela Jaglenka

Daniela Jaglenka illustrationDaniela Jaglenka
I heart these illustrations by Daniela Jaglenka . Daniela studied Psychology but she always had a passion for drawing. It only took her a visit to a graphic design studio to deliver some papers to realize what was her real vocation. Interesting how life takes us on our own path.

Muriel Brandolini

Muriel BrandoliniMuriel Brandolini fabricMuriel BrandoliniMuriel Brandolini design
I love Muriel Brandolini design because it resembles eclecticism perfectly. Half Vietnamese and half French/Venezuelan, Muriel is far from been predictable. Her fabrics design look like no others, influenced by her major traveling around the world.


Beautiful greeting cards for all occasions. I like the vintage influence in these colorful ones by the very well known Fiona Richards.

Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Paper

I am happy to have found these cute gift-wrap papers designed and printed in the USA on 100% recycled paper with soy-based inks at Fish Lips Paper Designs.

via Fabulously Green.

Liz Galbraith and Ephraim Paul

I love these new pillows at Room & Board by Liz Galbraith & Ephraim Paul.

Dazzling Collages

Sugar is the creator of Lint Museum. A very interesting website which is everything but conventional. Sugar showcases her 13 years of experience of creating beautiful Collages. She also writes about personal travel experiences in a very poetic way.

Christensen & Co. Arkitekter - Asseribo Home

Christensen &Co. Arkitekter
Holiday Home in Asserbo

This is a real Danish Bach. Located between the coast and Lake Arresø in Northern Sealand (note not New Zealand).

Perfect layout for roughing it at the beach, lake or river. The sleeping and bathrooms are built into the back wall meaning that all the areas that really need to be cosy and not as lit, are at the back. The kitchen takes the eastern (sunrise) wall of the main living area where everyone plays cards, drinks and chats till the early hours where all head off to their bunk rooms.
The Tortilla shell shape means that the rear wall (thermal mass) can temperate the back rooms, while the main living area with 3 sides of opening glass can become a large shaded deck in warm weather, or be heated by the fire in colder temps. By the look of all that glass I'm predicting it's like a 3/4 sleeping bag, you can use it only 3 out of the 4 seasons.

Michelle Kaufmann Designs - mkLotus

Michelle Kaufmann Designs

Well here it comes. MKD's latest work is due to be released in the coming months and on display at a show in the US.

Looks more compact than other versions but still with that Clerestory window action in the living area.

Notes from the West Coast Green

High Performance, Energy Efficient Building Systems Include:
- Green “Living” Roof
- Solar Power: This Home Uses 100% Solar Generated Power
- Rain and Groundwater Catchment System: Collected Water is Used for Irrigation
- Gray Water System: Collected Water from Sinks and Shower is Recirculated to Toilets
- Exterior Siding: Low-maintenance, Long-lasting Integral Color Cement Board by Cembonit and FSC Certified Wood
- Sheathing and Floor + Ceiling Framing: FSC Certified Wood
- Wall Assembly is SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels)
- High Performance, Energy Efficient Spray-in Open Cell Foam Insulation by Icynene
- On-demand Water Heater Provided by Noritz
- Energy Efficient HVAC System
- Double Pane, Low-E, Wood Windows and Glass Doors with Aluminum Cladding by Sierra
- Double Pane, Low-E, Wood with Aluminum Cladding Folding Glass Door Walls by Nanawall

The Interiors of this Beautiful, High Performance Home Feature:
- Sustainable Layout for Maximum Cross Ventilation and Natural Lighting
- Rapidly Renewable Bamboo Flooring
- No-VOC Paint by Yolo throughout
- LED Lighting throughout
- Interior Sliding Door Panels by 3form: EcoResin comprised of 40% Post-Industrial Reclaimed Material

Eco-friendly Kitchen Features:
- FSC Certified Wood Cabinetry (over Roseburg Skyblend Particleboard)
- Countertops by Concreteworks: Fly Ash Concrete, Rice Hull, and Recycled Porcelain Aggregates
- Eco-friendly/Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures by Kohler
- LED Lighting
- EnergyStar Appliances

Eco-friendly Bathroom Features:
- FSC Certified Wood Cabinetry (over Roseburg Skyblend Particleboard)
- Countertops by Concreteworks: Fly Ash Concrete, Rice Hull, and Recycled Porcelain Aggregates
- Floor and Wall Tiles by Terra Green Contain 55% Recycled Glass
- Eco-friendly Plumbing Fixtures, Low-flow Shower Head, Mixer, and Dual-Flush Toilet by Kohler
- LED Lighting

Off Site Modular Technology Results in 50% - 70% Less Waste than Traditional Site Building.
Fish & Chips: Floor plan 2br PDF
Via: Michelle Kaufmann Designs, West Coast Green


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