Twist Gallery

Twist is A Design gallery that provides a unique collection of art from photographers, ceramists, glass designers, sculptors and others. They specialize in discovering Britain’s newest artist and make their art easy for others to acquire and to enjoy.

Gorgeous summery dresses

Allen Schwartz comfortable, cute dresses at ABS Style. All under $300.

Bryony Burn

Bryony Burn is a ceramist with a beautiful and unique ceramic line.

Monica Calvo

I visited Lola News a very interesting blog yesterday where I found out about Monica Calvo. An illustrator from Spain who makes gorgeous paintings. Monica also has a pretty cool blog and a studio where she showcases her beautiful work.

The best way to go green

I hope there will be a day when everything new is made with sustainable materials. Until then I believe the best way to decorate your home in an Eco-friendly way is to go Vintage. You can find the best and wider selection of everything, often in good conditions, at flea markets, tag sales, bazaars or eBay. So far for me Vintage and Modern Inc. -a pretty new on-line furniture inventory listing service- is the best place to find vintage furniture right now. They have a huge selection of great pieces without been ridiculously expensive. What I do is that I buy the big pieces at a Antique place and the small or soft accessories at an Eco-friendly stores. I know, you are probably thinking but How about the materials they use to re-finish the furniture? Well there are many upholstery Eco-friendly fabrics out there. My favorite so far are These ones by Angela Adams. There are also great wood finishers like this one. Ask your Antique Dealer to use earth-friendly materials. Everything in the top picture is Vintage and Eco-chic. From top left Gorgeous 1950's red chair, 1940's sofa, pillow with the most beautiful Eco-chic fabric I've seen so far, Vintage Wall paper which can be installed using this organic glue, Gilbert Rohde 1930's sideboard, James Mont 1950's table lamp and this gorgeous 1960's Italian Gold Wheat Sconces.

The Hambledon

I love stores like this one . Everything at The Hambledon is absolutely divine. From vintage furniture and clothes to the cutes children toys. Gorgeous.

Bone china

Lovely, by Caroline Vidal.


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