Michelle Brand

Spectacular fabric composed of plastic drinks bottle bases, which have been cut, sanded and then tagged together. This stunning design is a creation of Michelle Brand .

Ambrosia Pitiguil

Susana and Beatriz Vaciero are the two young designers behind this great and fabulous line which caries handbags, purses, brooches and others. A few famous celebrities have already been seen -on the streets or big screen- with one of their gorgeous designs. Send them a picture of you with one of their purses and they’ll feature you on their website.
Thank you Beatriz.

Pink loves brown

Ana Vicente

I love this sketch by Ana Vicente a Portuguese artist who lives in London. She has published a few illustration books, exhibited in many Places. She also co-founded WOTADOT.

Thank you Ana

I want to thank Ana for her beautiful gesture of sending me these stunning post cards. They are definitely not going to be sent anywhere though. Sorry friends but I’ll keep these ones.

Rebecca Ward

Pencils and keyboards as Jewellery accessories?

Tea Towels

Pretty cool tea Towels at Third Drawer Down. They are limited edition screen print on 100% Linen.


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