Gorgeous Tabletop

Beautiful pieces in the Well Made Products section at Bliss.

Help stop Genoside

Please join this petition that I found at Pink Mohair to help Stop Genocide in Darfur. All it takes is a minute to fill it out to ask our Government to enact sanctions against Sudan. Let's help stop this...

Photographs by Alun Callender.

Eco friendly kids items

An Eco-Chic bohemian style for your baby? yes it's is possible with vivavi's new line for Babies. It's handcrafted using FSC certified, responsibly forested hardwood, non toxic/no VOC paints and 100% recovered and recycled wood fiber. You can't get more Eco-friendly than this. These kids are so lucky now a days.

Gabriella Imperatori-Penn

Looking at these photographs make me want to get married all over again.

Fashion Illustration

Aren't these illustrations by Mr. Jerry Seguin gorgeous. At Etsy.

My Dream Garden

These garden images are so beautiful, worth to get your hands dirty. I dream about owning a house with a beautiful garden to plant many flowers- especially Peonies, which are my favorite. My garden would have a lot of flowers, a few bird cages, iron gates and a Park bench. But deep inside I ask myself...Will I be willing to really work in it or just sit under the shade and enjoy it?

Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without necessities.
Frank Lloyd Wright

Sweet Greeting Cards

Very sweet looking Greeting Cards by Apak Studio for Little Otsu.


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