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Images from The Shoe Box Oven.

Eco Friendly furniture

This is what I mean by Eco-Chic. These eco friendly furniture line is something else. Every piece is made out of trees that have fallen in storms. Nothing is cut. Many of them still have the shape of the tree. One of the materials in the lamps is organic crystal. The brilliant woman behind this is Marsia Holzer. She was born in the countryside of London and currently lives in New York where she has her studio.

Botanical Inspiration

Glass Decals

What a great idea to dressing up a boring cup or glass. This is the new way of using decals. At What's blik? Well... look more yourself here.

Children gifts

Ever since I was a little girl I've been obsessed with penguins. Aren't they cute? "mami please bring a penguin home. I want a penguin" I used to beg my mom. "Penguins enjoy cold climate mi amor, if we bring one home it would die" she used to respond. "No it won't die we just keep it inside the freezer" I replied over and over again. Sometimes angry because I couldn't understand why she couldn't see such a simple solution. This used to take place almost everyday, until I finally got it; they need to live in a habitat surrounded by ice. Thank God for my patient and loving mother...

All these beautiful gifts here.


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