I love to find stores dedicated to the ethical and smart consumer. This store has a vast selection of Eco-friendly items that are safe to the planet. To see more of their products and their collection of beautiful pillows visit their Website.


Nature inspired lightings at Vaughan Designs.

Awesome paper

If I am to receive a present I want it to be gift-wrapped in one of these new Catalina Estrada gift wrap papers. This Colombian artist knows how to make things that look chic, glamorous and funky at the same time.


Vintage bags at Enamore.

Cozy corners

Wouldn’t you love to own one of these snug corners? You know, that special place where we go when we need to escape, relax or read our favorite book? I think I would…

Amy Howard's home in Memphis.

Lord and Vella in London and Susan Baten Design in Texas.

Idyllic Days

is a one-stop vintage hire shop in UK for those planning, hosting or staging a themed event. If you are looking to rent some table settings for a special occasion Idyllic Days has it for you.

Let's imagine.....

Let’s imagine for a second that we were taught Home Styling at school- as if Home Styling was one of those requirements like math or science. Or let’s pretend that instead of taking etiquette classes when we were small we were to take classes of how to style a home. Consequently this is how our homes would look like on a regular basis:

Mother's day, by Jonny Valiant.

A lazy Sunday morning, by Jonny Valiant.

A messy corner, by Jonny Valiant.

A book in progress by, Ruy Teixeira.

85% of salary towards rent, by Ruy Teixeira.

An afternoon snack, by Kate Cordsen.

Why not go Retro on the beach....

I love this Butterfly Kaftan and this lovely Retro dress at StarBlu.


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