Happy Easter

I wish you all a happy Easter. Images from GXonline.

Lucky Brides

Brides Magazine is having for the first time a contest where a lucky winner could be the Modern Bride of the year. She'll win a trip to NYC and a chance to be on the cover of the magazine. Isn't that great. If you're a future bride to be click here to enter.

Chinese Art

Paper cuts are a very traditional small and flat form of decorative Chinese art. Yu Rong is an artist from China who uses the technique to create flat, two-dimensional images for illustrations (two pictures above). She uses traditional Chinese colors to paint on plain cotton or silk Lampshades.

I'm loving this

Illustration by Ann Whim Tseng at her Etsy Shop. It's Acrylic and ink on 40-ply board.

Funny Items

I find these new items very unique. Especially the Kartell Optic Table which is also a storage and the Gotofalls freestanding photo tree all at Purves .

Quirky art

I found these beautiful prints at Artquirk.

Aiga Sicera

I love these ceramic pieces by Aiga Sicera. Her work is certainly stunning.

Add color to your life

I love living with colors. I can't imagine a life with out them.

Gorgeous and consciously organic dress by Bahar Shahpar at Sodafine, wall paper at Wall paper from the 70's, sofa from Espacio, Tool bars from DWR, Cup from Dibbern and Lamp designed by Flavia Del Pra at Bodie and Fou.


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