Design in a box

Designer Betsy Burnham has created a new way of designing your home. Instant Space is a design service that offers clients do-it-yourself custom-designed spaces for a very reasonable fee. This is how simple it is, you contact them tell them which style you want, send them pictures of the rooms you want to decorate, they ask you a few questions, you measure your rooms and four weeks later you get a kit (above) with a personalized concept board. Visit their website and you will be surprise to see how affordable this is.


After I have everything almost ready for my wedding. The entire Boutique Hotel is booked for the guests, the photographer, video, decorator and make up artists are hired. There are people flying from more than 8 different countries. The Church says they can’t marry us because I am not confirmed. I was raised catholic, went to catholic school all my life, my mom is an active member of our Church, but I was never confirmed. Yeah I know it sounds odd. I have already taken the classes to be confirmed but in NYC they only confirm twice a year & the next one available is in March. A month after the wedding date. My priest in NY gave me a letter giving me permission to marry before being confirmed, but the Church in D.R is not accepting it. What a catastrophe is this for me. A few people in D.R. are trying their best to help. I am having a very difficult time right now as you can imagine and waiting for a divine intervention to happen. I will need all the light you can send toward us so this can be resolved in the best way. Thank you so much and I will keep you posted. As you all understand, I will not be able to post as often. Thank you. :((

(Images of one of those gorgeous flowers my adorable husband (We had the civil ceremony a week ago) brings me often.)

Belongs to Nature

This is a story about very smart ex New Yorkers who after their architecture firm was commissioned to design a resort on the gorgeous island of Turks & Caicos, they realised they belonged there. Who can blame them?.. The result was the beautiful collection they offer at their store Belongings.

Trina Turk

Love the Trina Turk up coming collection. Available for April 07. Click here.


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