Great weekend to you all!!

I wanted to let you know about Graham & Brown wallpaper line for TARGET's Global Bazzar collection. I am glad that target is making good design more affordable to people.

Anna Whitford

The lovely Maryam at My Marrakesh posted about this great store with prices that make it even more attractive. I love that bed and the Moroccan mirror and dresser.
And the always so trendy Danielle posted about a great British textile designer Anna Whitford.

Modern Glamour

Top left picture, a kelly Wearstler room, dress at Octopi, cup & saucers from my favorite china, at Hermes, White Shell Chandelier at Dutch by design, pillow by Ankasa, sofa at 1stdibs, and Coral Lamp by Worlds Away at Vivre.

Pillows for the people

Is an online store with a huge selection of pillows in vintage fabrics. Parisa is the designer behind the store & her pillows have been resting the heads of celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio. :)

Alice Mara

Very unique ceramics made by Alice Mara, an artist from London. Mara takes pictures of beautiful buildings in London and then using a computer technique, she gives them a fantastical, surreal appeal. I love the plates and vases.

Velvet Boutique

This store in Edinburgh features new, innovative and award-winning Scottish designers. Check out their cool selection here.

Mary Addison Hackett

Abstract paintings are very similar to life, in a way that everyone can interpret it in different ways. I love how Mary Addison Hackett mixes colors and forms. "Ambiguity is intentional; information is missing, incomplete, or thwarted" she says.

P.S Thank you all for your great support. I wanted to let you know about THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE GUIDE have created for those of you who are planning of prettying up your surroundings. Enjoy :)


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