Cassiusclay is a group of three ceramists in Denmark. Anne Matte Hjortshoj, Per Andresen & Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson's work complement each other. I personally love the bottom left one. It makes me feel relax. :o)

Black & white is the new Blue & White

Royal Copenhagen the famous Denmark Porcelain Manufacturer is introducing for the first time black in their collection. I find black and white to be very modern and at the same time classic. If you are looking to make a modern Christmas tree consider these ornaments. . Check their web page for store location. :o)

Quotes that make us think

The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.
Albert Einstein

Mathias Bengtsson

Mathias Bengtsson, A Danish Designer has created a series of jewelery made from etched 0.25 mm silver-plated brass. It is a unique collection created by industrial process used in the computer industry. Very modern and minimalist.

Ashley Goldberg

I am loving these illustration by Ashley Goldberg they look so innocent and pure. Perfect for a girl room. You can buy her illustrations at her Etsy shop. or you can also visit her blog. :o)

Gorgeous illustration

I love colorful illustrations. Fernanda Guedes is an illustrator from Brazil who paints a lot of beautiful women. :o)

Xiong wen yun photograph

This Photograph by xiong wen yun is so beautiful and inspiring. The sun reflexion against the ski gives it a magical feeling. Stunning......:o) xiong weng yun is exhibiting in Galleria dell'arco, Palermo, Italy from December 1st - January 29Th.

all it takes a little help

What if you could actually help create Peace on Earth this holiday season? What a tremendous gift that would be!
This year, there is a gift that can change the world — the Spirituality for Kids Holiday Gift Card.
You can make a donation to the Spirituality for Kids Foundation in the name of someone you care about. By giving this meaningful gift, you are actually spreading Light into the future — through the children who will be transformed and empowered to lead happy and fulfilling lives. You can donate here.

Note: every donation of $22 will allow one child to experience an SFK class. The card lets you tell a friend that a donation has been made in their name to help children all over the world learn the spiritual tools of sharing, love, and peace. Truly a joy to the world!

Images and text from Artamara.

So Cozy

This is so cute at Jaundnu.

Beautiful Wall Paper

Gorgeous hand printed wall paper (top) and fabrics (below) at the Signature Prints. I can perfectly see these wallpapers at a very eclectic, stylish home. :o)


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