Lladro Re-cyclos

Lladro together with German designer Bodo Sperlein created the second collection of recycled objects inspired in a magical dream world, where nature and animals are the main characters.
the collection is made up of over 40 decor objects, lighting and jewelery which are based in fragments of Lladro pieces. :o)

Images from Bodo Sperlein.

Let's play

Just in case you get bored the next day after Christmas between eating left over and going back to sleep. Here are few alternatives for you to do Giraffe Card Case, Pony Domino Sets, Rolz Checker Set & Moc Croc Domino :o)


Kokeshi Wooden Doll were originated in the Tohoku region of Japan during 1804-1829. They are normally made from Dogwood, Chestnut, Cherry or Keyaki. And it is said that they were giving as tokens of love and friendship to family and friends. Here.

Quote of the today

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I'd be darling at it.
Dorothy Parker

Adorable Hand crafted gifts

Funky Sock Monkey, Pinocchio Marionette & Jen Corace Limited Edition Letterpress Prints. All by clicking here.

Something personal

Wanted to share with you a small view of my up coming wedding location (top), It's located in the old part of the City of Santo Domingo. Below Part of the neighborhood. Isn't gorgeous? :o)

Great Gift Ideas

Teo Tea Strainer , Capuccino Set Tower, Reflex Coaster, Girl Silhouette Tray, Fashion Plate Set , Buckaroo Hand Painted Name Tiles :o)


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