Great selection of gift wrapping papers, cards and boxes at Live Weaver Design. I think this one is fabulous. :o)

Brand nu

Brandnu is a art direction, illustration and graphic design by Radim Malinic based in Southampton, Hampshire. You can buy his illustrations here. :o)


Spectacular laser-cut, gold-anodized aluminum base with red and peridot-colored Swarovski crystal at Moss. Below (left) Themes and Variations wall plate design by Piero Fornasetti


Artnet is a website with a fantastic selection of art. Above a Botero painting. :o)

Marc Jacobs for dinner

Warterford Crystal has partnered up with Marc Jacobs to create beautiful and refined bone china dinnerware and crystal stemware. At Bloomingdales. :o)

Gift Wrap Paper

Lovely Gift wrap papers at Broadway Paper. I love the top left.


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