Cute Ornaments

I know it might be too early to start posting season's ornaments, but these are too adorable to let pass. Here. :0)

Get organize

Before getting out and start buying gifts for your loved ones get organize fist with this cute Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer for $19.99.

Alex Marshall's Lamps

I love these hand made ceramic cylinder lamps. You can chose from white, aqua,green, charcoal or chocolate glaze. Available at vivi. :0)

New at Twenty 2

I love these two new wallpapers at twenty2 , they come in different colors to choose from. I am also loving these fabrics below.

Chica de Canela

I was searching for an original gift to give a girlfriend of mine for her birthday when I found this gorgeous and different handmade gifts. My favorite is cecile left. just opened her online store where you could buy her beautiful products.

Some new announcements to tell?

Thanks to Daily Candy I know about these hilarious card announcements created by Diane Farr. After a broken engagement she and a friend came up with the idea of finding a way to tell the news to their people. There is a variety of cards to choose from.. I hope none of you need one of them, but just in case, you can buy them here. One more proof that you can make something good out of any difficult situation. :0)


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