Jill Bliss necklace note set

Too soon for Christmas Notes yet? Go with this gorgeous,
nature inspired set of 5 notes by Jill Bliss, printed on recycled
paper with soy ink. They can also be cut and worn as necklaces.
I wouldn't go that far though, but I would for sure, buy it and
send it to a very special one. They are available at fredflare .
On sale now for $3.99. :o)

Thomas Paul Dinner Set

I love this charming set of four durable melamine plates by
Thomas Paul. The details are delicate and inspiring.
Their vintage looking makes me imagine them on a table surrounded by cup cakes. At fredflare.

Repro Depot

Searching for vintage fabrics I came across Reprodepot and I loved their huge selection. It goes from fabrics, to buttons and trims. These ones here are some of my favorites.

Violeta Dabija

I fell in love with Violeta Dabija's whimsical and fantasy world illustrations. She is a children's book illustrator from Moldova who has published 24 books so far. If I were a kid, I would love to have a beautiful illustration in my room to help me day-dream. You can buy her prints for your precious little one here

Dilar Pereira, Portugal

I came across Dilar Pereira visiting Warmtoast Cafe and his collages in canvas caught my eyes. Dilar posts an original collage everyday on his blog- a truly unique concept and a lot of work too! I like the vibrant colors and the prices are very affordable, for only 25 you can turn a wall that's crying for some excitement into a thankful and happy one. :o)


Heather Moore

Heather Moore is an illustrator from Africa. She exhibits at her local weekly neighborhood market. I love her cushions and magnets. You can find her work here


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